"By this all men will know that you are My disciples: If you have love for one another, as I have loved you." (John 13:34-35)

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In 1975, Pope Paul VI (now St. Paul VI ) issued an apostolic exhortation which is foundational for the "New Evangelization" worldwide initiative. It is a comprehensive, ambitious, and extremely necessary missionary call for a synergistic revival under a courageous global rally, seeking new methods and expressions under a new enduring zeal and pastoral ardor. In Evangelii Nuntiandi  paragraph 8, our venerable and now blessed holy father Paul VI boldly proclaimed that:  "As an evangelizer, Christ first of all proclaims a kingdom, the kingdom of God; and this is so important that, by comparison, everything else becomes 'the rest', which is 'given in addition'. Only the kingdom, therefore, is absolute; and it makes everything else, relative."  

As a consequence, the founder of the Pope Paul VI Foundation*(1973/75  now renamed St. Paul VI) Brazilian Missionary L P Baron, created an internal "think-tank" department deeply committed to Catholic Social Teachings named "The Social Profit Christian Network" with the purpose of becoming a future laboratory of innovation for the New Evangelization revival. After about 40 years of work, prayers, and even tears, without ever asking for monetary donations, The Social Profit Network slowly evolved to become, in its first phase, "The Social-Dollar Faith-based Initiative," now known as "The Int'l. Social-ethic eBank Project," aiming to experiment with the power of a private digital currency restricted to its own micro-economy club-network. The project vision evolved to become a kind of Catholic Charities’ private micro-economy laboratory, based on its own Educational Dollar.

One of the many goals that were proved** possible was the development of a digital and "nominative" virtual currency as a cornerstone of a “wedge” Ministry of accounting services, designed to become the New Evangelization’s “foot in the door” into many souls that would be otherwise locked inside this emergent neo-pagan culture for a lifetime. Therefore, the power-seed and soil for a “Wedge Financial Ministry” as an educational inter-diocesan and international ministry, based on an educational and socially harnessed nominal currency, was invented and created, as a private Catholic religious financial lab-platform for unconventional evangelization and courageous works of mercy, otherwise impossible to be achieved, duplicated or delivered. Evidently, it will depend upon a digital Pastoral Bank (now called SeeBank for Life) entrusted to Saint K. Drexel: link at "End Note" ***3 § 4) for the scalable missionary instrumentation, replication and adaptation of financial and insurance services in order to empower and support as many Catholic missions, parishes, and outreaches as humanly possible. Indeed, it is the first integrated "Bank-School" Project  (Educational Bank for Christian/ethical formation, anti-corruption support, financial responsibility, sustainability, etc.) in history. (Sui-generis Incubator pre-designed to have a long-term support from this new religious society (General Statutes' link here). As a mnemonic illustration, the abbreviated “e” (within the SeeBank/SeeDollar Project) may stand for: Educational Dollar, Ecumenical Dollar, Ecological Dollar, Enabler Dollar, and an Enforcement Dollar which we hope will help to make it an “Enduring.” Ultimately, it may become an “Evangelizer Dollar,” so-to-speak, carefully designed to “e”: embrace, enlighten, as we hope to contribute with*** (see endnote ***1,2,3)  the future “Civilization of Love," conceived and invoked by our patron saint Pope Paul VI, during his ‘Regina Coeli’ address on Pentecost Sunday, May 17, 1970, and from then on mentioned in more than 250 papal documents.

Since its beginning, the main purpose of the Pope Paul VI Foundation has been: First, to establish an advanced, long-term pastoral laboratory to help, as much as humanly possible Paul VI's dream of a future "Civilization of Love and Life for All" from natural conception to natural death. He taught that the best way to abundantly bless and even predict the future is to build it courageously under God's Plan, not men's ideologies (he wrote 'Humanae Vitae' against enormous pressures). Second, to demonstrate the urgent need for a new strategic model-platform capable of supporting a more effective evangelization of future generations in massive numbers, looking forward in terms of not only decades but of centuries, even millennia. Since day one we have agreed and assumed that everything our beloved Blessed Pope Paul VI did, wrote, and taught is holy. We pray his daily personal invocational prayer to the Holy Spirit, deeply sharing his conviction that everything is relative when compared to the Kingdom of God and that: "Christ's Light must not be allowed to grow dim through distraction or sophistication, through the confusion of materialism or the false promises of pleasure. And to the message of faith add that of joyful hope: God is with us and there is no strength equal to His strength, no power equal to His power, no promise equal to His promise. That which he asks of us may be difficult and demanding; but the yoke and the burden are rendered sweet by the gentle Christ, the powerful Christ, the understanding and sustaining Saviour of his People." (P.P.VI-Vatican,Nov-3-1972). 

In response to the global invitation of Pope Francis to act under his encyclical "Lumen Fidei" and apostolic exhortation "Evangelii Gaudium," using as much creativity and cooperation as possible in favor of the "New Evangelization," the Pope Paul VI Foundation, therefore, would like to renew such invitation enphatically pleading for your participation, asking at least the following personal help: Please listen to your conscience, pray more, find your "place," make a lifetime decision, and do something serious about it. It is a priceless invitation, an honor, and a privilege. Please realize how critical is our duty to work united as one Church and get this long-term Job done under the leadership and coordination of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization (“Ubicumque Et Semper”). 

Pope Francis gave us a new hope that it can be done sooner rather than later, if we use the guidelines and the road-map that he laid down in his programmatic apostolic exhortation. In our opinion, with his modest, anti-perfectionist but heartfelt programmatic document "Evangelii Gaudium," Pope Francis personally “touched” Paul VI' strategically foresighted 1975 seed document “Evangelii Nuntiandi.” That historic seminal worldwide convocation was gradually embodied as a young "Tree" by John Paul II and Benedict XVI's legacy (“Redemptoris Missio,” “Christifideles-Laici,” “Deus Caritas Est,” “Porta Fidei,” etc). Although, in touching this "young Tree," Pope Francis made the difference by emphatically and explicitly adding a critically missing key-component: natural and supernatural Joy! He empowered that apparently “black-and-white Tree” -so-to-speak - unveiling the welcome smile of our Mother-Church, revealing a colorful, beautiful and robust Tree-of-Life, urging us to harvest abundant fruits of conversions, solidarity, kindness, faith, and justice, as grateful sons and daughters of the Church.

That is the main reason why the Pope Paul VI Foundation rushed establish this new Society of St. Joachim & St. Anne, both as a Lay Apostolate and a New Ecclesial Community, even without having the perfect resources to do so. Due to the heroic act of humility of our Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, surprised by the Will of God represented by Pope Francis' urgent call for action and courageous leadership, we were compelled to act on previous inspiration to create The Saint Joachim & Saint Anne global laboratory for the 'New Evangelization' and Catholic Social Teachings. Inspiration that came a couple of years ago as a special grace from Our Lady, after many years of pleadings asking our Virgin Mother Mary to bless and intercede for the Pope Paul VI Foundation's Mission. With the only wish to better pursue the Will of God, we perceived that she was guiding us to build something beautiful, fruitful and, interestingly, in honor of her mother and father. 

Please pray for us that we may be faithful, courageous and docile to her Immaculate Heart. Let's remember that her immaculate conception was the greatest masterpiece of our awesome God, done in the womb of Saint Anne by the Divine Spirit, during the most intimate loving relationship between Saint Anne and her husband Saint Joachim: What mystery! What a priceless divine gift!  What inexhaustible treasure! What sublime partnership with humanity! Here we have another major pro-family, historic and explicitly foundational divine seal for conjugal love between one man and one woman. It is therefore with great joy and responsibility that we have chosen the name of the Blessed Family of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne as patron family of saints for our new Ministry and future Community to whom we compose "The Immaculate Princess Miryam" 'meditational-prayer' and implicit program of life for us as brothers & sister of little Miryam (bellow, at the right side of our official devotional image). The name for the religious community (to be supported also by a strategic school of social-ethics finances and seminary, both exclusive for our future permanent Deacons, under Paul VI's S.Diaconatus) will be "The Blessed Family Catholic Community." (We deeply agree with Bishop McKnight that Deacons are "go-betweens messengers, intermediaries". “I see deacons" he said "as spiritual entrepreneurs in getting ministries started that are needed, but currently don’t exist”).  Blessed Family Catholic Community as short for the official name: "The Roman Catholic Community of The Blessed Family of Saint Joachim, our Jewish Patriarch & Father." The name "Blessed Family” is used to clearly differentiate from the "Holy Family" or "Sacred Family of Saint Joseph, Jesus and Mary.” 

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. For basic information regarding the next phase of activities open to the public, please read the INDEX tab content, from where we are starting a powerful multi-group-hub type of private Social Network with no ads, no paywall and no click-baits. It already has over two hundred groups, each one with its own webpage now fully functional. It is capable of hosting many thousands of active members in each group even now under our current beta, incipient www.JoAnLab.Net/Hub under-domain.  And please click the following link Social-ethic eBank (www.SeeBank.Net)  if you want to access our old but rich, historic,  faith-based project website, which contains, for example, among a wealth of information, our Coalition Coordinator's message link, an almost 20-year-old welcome letter which with minor updates is still valid today.




(*) 1973/75: Therefore, over 45 years old, rooted in St. Joseph, Brazilian born (1979= legal approval, Second Statute legal approval=1981), small, orthodox, low profile, uninterruptedly not-for-profit, privately funded, inspired directly by words of Blessed Paul VI himself (March 2nd,1975).  Committed, pro-active truth seeker under deep obedience to the Magisterium united with the Pope. Quietly 'ora et labora' as a faithful Catholic pro-life lobby, management standards research & software house, international 'Think-Tank' & Ministry, that sincerely tries to remember "ad majorem Dei gloriam" what Jesus asked us in Matthew 6:3 : "Let not your left know the good your right is doing".

(**) Under documented beta-pilots first in Brazil and then in the USA. The ‘big picture’ can be understood from visiting the Social eBank website and reading the history link at www.SeeBank.net 

(***) Paragraphs 1-10
1)- Sounds abstract, intangible?

Unfortunately yes! For many brothers and sisters, this is not only intangible but also difficult to connect the dots, like moving icebergs in time of fog under unclear waters. Since we humans cannot clean the “water of an entire ocean of humanity,” in order to contemplate at least one, whole, tangible ”iceberg” among many in a big, live picture, we had the idea to contact someone that would help. We contacted our “Chief Fisherman's” representative in charge of our local archdiocese's charities, who knows well this small local portion of the “ocean,” asking for tangible numbers related to the “tip” of just one local “iceberg.” Yes, they are brutally real; they are many, but vague since we don’t see them clearly. They have several common denominators (cold temperature, destructive power, mostly invisible, the visible tip is deceitful, etc.), but since we don’t see physical connections, we fail to connect the dots. Below is the official answer to the following single tangible question: How many persons on average are released from jail each year, back into the archdiocesan territory and what are the challenges? (Challenges are to help you get a more "colorful", non-abstract picture, as a sample iceberg among many, proportionally applicable to all dioceses). 

2)- Archdiocese of Washington response:  “In a twelve-month period, approximately 20,000 (twenty thousand) persons return home (to Washington DC & two adjacent Counties) after being released from incarceration. Most of these men and women will face insurmountable barriers and have great difficulty managing basic necessities for successful reintegration: identifying opportunities for employment, housing, family reunification, as well as acquiring access to needed substance abuse and health care treatment. Many newly released individuals are estranged from family and friends - or are choosing to find new, perhaps healthier support networks. Rebuilding a life after incarceration can be complex and confounding (i.e. can’t obtain a job without proper credentials; can’t obtain proper credentials without a place to live; can’t find a place to live because family and friends in the area do not support new choices). 

3)- Can we now connect the dots right here, in a single paragraph, just for that tip of the iceberg's illustration; with possible, attainable, similar projects better or at least equivalent to our Social eBank pilot-sample? Would it not be enough just to ask ourselves, honestly, some serious, complex, key questions such as: Can any Archbishop -not only in Washington DC- really do anything substantial, proportional,  proactive, effective, enduring, to realistically confront with a minimum reasonable level of success just this “iceberg tip” among others that come from a much uglier, bigger, and colder "parent iceberg" (The Penal System)?  (Remember: it's not 20,000 brothers and sisters; It is 20,000... per year!)  

4)- Evidently, the correct answer is: absolutely not! Despite the fact that dioceses are not obliged and our bishops are doing more than what is humanly possible thanks to a 'bunch' of priceless volunteers (heroes!) who are facing gigantic icebergs with personal heaters, the correct answer, unfortunately, remains: absolutely not! Why? In part because our Church behaves like a big and powerful truck of solidarity, unfortunately relatively unaware of a precise, parallel "blind spot." We act as if we do not understand Matt 22:21 and 1 Tim 6:9-10 when Jesus said something similar to: “The love of money is the root of evil.” In fact, he never said that money in itself is the root of evils. Quite the opposite: He showed us how to love people and use things (like our SeeBank Proj.'s Patroness Saint did, indeed!), but we do exactly the opposite. We use people, and love things with evil creativity in a thousand of sophisticated or cynical ways.The original Greek manuscript for 1Ti 6:10 BGT imposes a better translation that “'Greed' is the root of most evils.”. We, as historical Church, built the present civilization. We got busy, determined and courageously, in the critical field of health-care, saving the world with a gigantic network of hospitals, hospices etc. The Church did the same in the critical field of education, changing the world with a gigantic network of schools, universities, scientific laboratories, parishes, etc. Again our amazing Church did the same in the critical field of formal and informal justice as the most powerful agent in history for the 'Rule of Law' while also protecting it against cruelty, etc. The Church also turned the table on the desperate worldwide field of social services, rescuing billions of people throughout the centuries, through the largest humanitarian services network on the planet. It did the same with the critical fields of diplomacy, human rights, world peace, theater, social justice, literature, social policy, sports, philanthropy, mass media, bioethics, arts, music, science, cinema, democracy, catastrophe relief, ethics, etc (you name it...!).

5)- Nevertheless, our over-prudent Church ran away, and is still shamefully running way even now, from the hyper-critical and strategic field of the "world of finances." We could have entered into many safer segments, competed, interfered, converted in humanitarian insurance instruments, legislated, improved, etc.  and could have done it, courageously, not only without compromising our Church’s higher religious vocational priority, but precisely because of that higher call, in a similar way that we had to do it in the educational and health-care fields for centuries. All over the world, four Church is currently managing modern hospital networks, with its very sophisticated and computerized trauma, laboratorial, pharmaceutical, surgical and emergency departments, many times more complex than most Financial/insurance Service Systems or institutions.

6)- Because of that failure, we have no choice but to struggle with palliatives, trying to melt icebergs with personal heaters, as every diocese is doing not only to address this sample iceberg-tip, but almost every other social challenge.We are armed with volunteer programs that rarely work against this type of "byproduct-iceberg," paternalist approaches, self-deceitful improvisations, permanent Deacons that barely know what a micro-credit program is, giving fish instead of better empowering everyone to go fish, poor follow-up's, if any, and so on.

7)- When Bill Clinton twice won the presidency of the United States, the internal central focus created by his campaign strategist, "It's the economy, stupid!", became the key slogan for the whole nation, ultimately securing his victory. If we reflect on history a bit, just to name one example, we could also say that when Stalin murdered millions of people through the power of an evil ideology, that ideology was able to grow precisely because the economy is what matters the most.

8)- The list goes on because it is the history telling us so. Therefore, we are trying hereto to remind ourselves, as a Church, how critically strategic this field really is and how serious is our omission. Let's look at our negligence in mastering the incipient cryptocurrency technology, such as Bitcoin. What are we waiting for, in order to rake ('fork') the "Open-Source" of the Bitcoin technology (it's completely free), and remove its evils, adapting the many negatives associated with that? Only the principles taught by Catholic Social Doctrine can help humanity to find a future transition from the currently time-bomb unsustainable  "bitch-coin" (in our well-informed assessment) to a "bettercoin," aiming to becoming  "bestcoin", over time. Fortunately, the "very little" we did directly in the "world of finances", like the encyclical against usury and other dishonest financial profits (Pope Benedict XIV), expansion of the co-op-credit union system (Father Moses Coady), the revolutionary double entry accounting system (Father Luca Paccioli), The Knights of Columbus, a very large international financial institution (Father McGivney), Mondragon Co-op-Federation (Father Arizmendiarrieta); and lately, the "Economy of Communion" (Focolare, a large Catholic Institution), have already given mankind enormous beneficial results.

9)- As an illustration, one single person, the founder of water.org, was able to rescue about five (5) million people using his water-credit program (growing up to water equity). Poor communities not only solved their own water/sanitation problem, but even paid back the loan. Let's imagine what our Church could do as the only real worldwide institution using the power of finances to help desperate segments of humanity, many without access even to clean water.

10)- We used the clearly unfair adjective "very little" to make a more specific point: Just imagine the economic world without Judeo-Christian teachings such as "Thou shalt not steal" and, above all, the whole world without an institution that has been "shouting" since the days of St. John the Baptist (who was decapitated for doing so): "It is the moral character, stupid!" In relation to "Matt 22:21" (cited above w/1-Tim), we, as Church, act if we did not understand that when Jesus—after asking for a coin—inquired who was engraved on it and replied: “Render therefore to Caesar what’s Caesar’s, and to God…,” he also had to assume we would obey the First Commandment, and really love Him with “…all our mind, strength, etc....”, not only emotional blah blah blah! Nevertheless, our lazy brains seem incapable of update, our sleeping minds can’t see that most countries already replaced “Caesar” for a “coin-system” engraved “Democracy” on one side and “Common-wealth” (literal sense) on the other side. Therefore, nowadays, the only way to render to the new 'Caesar’ (we) what is 'Caesar’ (our's), is to be boldly competent in the “World of Finances” (micro & macro Stewardship); to put in jail corrupted politicians; fire dishonest public officials; keep wild banks and predatory business under control; and enforce limited government under principles of subsidiarity and primacy of the traditional family (instead of the economy: "It's the moral character, stupid!") in every level (educational, economic, etc.), religious freedom, private property, natural law and the common good, especially of the future generations (i.e. human rights of children from the moment of conception should preside or even overwrite others). If our Western Civilization betrays its Judeo-Christian roots and culture - which is happening very fast - we will no longer have a civilization at all, but an increasingly violent and chaotic neo-pagan social nightmare: a nasty, ugly, mediocre and narcissistic empire of death, imposture and relativism.

For more information about the future possibility of a parallel, faith-based educational-currency explicitly designed to help the New Evangelization, please read our article-manifesto: "Love Found a Way".

For news or updates (including our General Statutes) please go to our UPDATES tab or just click here: UPDATES

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The Blessed Family of Saint Joachim

Little Miryam, our Immaculate Princess on her “throne.” Divine Holy Spirit's masterpiece, spotless human diamond, the new "Eva," immaculated conceived in the womb of St. Anne. God's re-creation of humanity through St. Joachim.

St Joachim with his Princess

Since not even an obvious imagination is enough for us to have a glimpse of the Love mom and dad had for their immaculated girl, let's pretend it happened in our time...

If we could fast forward in time the relationship of a still young dad [St.] Joachim with his precious little Princess Mary, adapted for this day and age, perhaps recording some love-clip to share with mama [Saint] Anne via smartphone, here is a just an entry level sample-video of what we would have: A profound lifelong friendship and now eternally cemented daughter-dad unbreakable love-bond!  

"...but none will ever Love you the way I do. And as the years goes by, our friendship will NEVER die ! You'll gone see it's our destiny, [that] you've got a friend in me." 

P.S. In just a few years, precious Claire is singing like an angel: click here to watch and here with her growing family


Oh Immaculate Princess!

Precious little Miryam of papa Saint Joachim, conceived without sin in the blessed womb of mama St. Anne. In your overflowing fullness of grace we plead, please remember us as you remembered even your homemade baby-dolls, and the many kisses your mom & dad "had" to give on them -in addition to yours!-  because of your... "intercession":  Protect us from tragedies, especially grave sins, therefore defending us against the Evil One, and keep us in peace under your angels we beg you, we trust. United to your beloved parents please pray for us, little Princess, who have recourse to thee as adoptive brothers and sisters, that we may live a life of ongoing conversion, always within your Son's Church, as holy and joyful as possible; in your name loving and protecting every child, every grandparent, every pregnant woman, every family, until safely united with you in Paradise, forever! 

Full of hope and confidence we plead, through your sweet, kind and most pure heart of a little Jewish girl forever alive within you, for the sake of your mom and dad's unforgettable ocean of tender love, prayers, and homey protection; and for the inexhaustible everlasting treasure of holy memories and consolations that they infused in the deepest reaches of your being, as an essential portion of your eternal Heaven, that God the Father rich in Mercy, through your intercession, in the blood and merits of your son Jesus Christ, our Messiah and Divine Redeemer, will indeed grant humanity a new Pentecost, with all Grace and blessings that we need to really understand the power of fraternal Unity in the Holy Spirit, and become a New Humanity, meek and humble of heart, loving and courageously faithful to the Will of God, until the last day of our lives, up to the last generation. Ad majorem Dei gloriam, Amen!



Pope [St.] Paul VI Foundation: 49th anniversary - "Quietus Ora, Adora et Labora, ad majorem Dei gloriam!"

The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!

(That's our powerful Mission Statement, from day one, 49 years ago! Please join us and share it. How? Do all the Good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, at all the places you can, at any time, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta literally taught us to “Always help whoever you can, whenever you can, and however you can, even if it's just with something small, but always try to do some Good. God doesn't require us to succeed, He only requires that you try." )