"By this all men will know that you are My disciples: If you have love for one another, as I have loved you." (John 13:34-35)

Focus Index

Introductory Information (Read, Listen or BOTH)

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Dear Friend, since the time of Plato, and above all since Christ's teachings, all echoed over the years by Tolstoy, Burke, Einstein, and many others, our poor Humanity never has but should have deeply learned the hard life lesson that "evil thrives when good people do nothing." Indeed, "all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." In the words of Albert Einstein: "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who watch them without doing anything." If you believe, like we do, that cowardly negligence is ultimately the personal root of most preventable evils, including major moral catastrophes and other preventable crimes against humanity, please consider our challenge to do something courageously about it at a personal level."Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." (Goethe) Only doers, courageous and generous people, can make a real difference; after all, you are what you do, not what you say you'll do.

Unfortunately we have a large percentage, maybe millions of Ph.D.'s, Academic Researchers, Doctors, etc., wasting too much time, money, and sometimes their whole lives dying for more and more diplomas, graduations, and promotions (without any remorse!); many just searching, studying, and learning deeply whatever will give them more money, more power, or prestige, but doing very little (some doing nothing or worse) to defend / improve "Western Civilization" (which still is a 'de facto' Judeo-Christian civilization) by actions and/or financial support.  Being a courageous doer is what really matters in our understanding. In the words of Cardinal Arinze, "Indeed many became intellectual giants, but remain moral babies." Far from us to undermine precisely what we strongly support: lifetime continuous education, not to mention so many "legacies" of absolutely priceless pure knowledge for mankind, like the one Albert Einstein granted humanity. Therefore, our recrimination , goes only against each unworthy or selfish "Ph.D.", which gradually becomes a kind of Einstein's despicable caricature because they will never really understand and apply what Albert Einstein lived as an essence of his own being, in his own words: "Every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must (our emphasis) exert myself (make a physical and mental effort) in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile" (A.Einstein). Wow!!! How well he understood and practiced his own convictions and principles, such as: "Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it. The source of knowledge is experience." (A.Einstein) 

Now, if you believe that it is impossible to fly without a minimum of two wings; and that both Faith & Reason, in the words of St. John Paul II, are the two essential wings that we must have in order to make a positive-lasting difference in at least our small "world," finding at the same time deep joy, true hope, and the fullness of life. If you really want to maximize results, get organized, and confirm firsthand whether Jesus Christ spoke metaphorically or literally when He promised to be present whenever/wherever two or more get together in His name, or if you want to possibly discover the awesome power of the "Communion of Saints," then join at least one of our "Netgroups" and try it. It's free and you have nothing to lose and much to gain: Among hundreds of so-called "Think-Tanks," JoAnLabNet is probably the first "Startup" Catholic "Think&Prayer-Tank" religious organism (therefore also open for non-scholars) with an inseparable emphasis and "praxis" on both Faith & Reason by design, as an explicit angelic and human supernatural partnership, headquartered in Heaven wherever St. Joachim ("CEO!") & St. Anne ("COO!") are. Receiving the Kingdom like a child is not optional; it is the only surest way. Jesus revealed that in the Father's House are many "Mansions." Who would doubt that Our Lady and St. Joseph (by the way "our "CFO!") somehow—figuratively speaking—"reserved" their own "Mansions" for both St. Mary's and St. Joseph’s mom and dad?  "In the days ahead," said the great theologian Karl Rahner, "we [Christians] will either be mystics [even 'savoring' God's presence] or nothing at all. When man is with God in awe and love [trusting like a child], then he is praying.”  So, welcome on board! Just remember to "Consult not your fears, but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do." (Words of wisdom from Pope John XXIII). No wonder why he was able to change the world forever, after his 77th birthday! For his immense kindness, humility, and sense of humor he was called the "Good Pope," recently canonized as Saint, without considering himself as such. He would say that a saint is, indeed, a sinner that never gave up trying to be better, repenting, and restarting again and again.

So, get courage and set yourself up to do good for others, as much as you possibly can. St. Thomas Aquinas teaches us that "the beginning of true love is to will the good of others as others", and that only our capacity to love reveals who we truly are and love is the only reality that will be taken with us to heaven. "The 'ambition' to do good for others should have no limits," says our Mission Statement. Jesus told us and we deeply believe that if we have Faith even the size of a mustard seed, God will do the impossible to help us do an immense Good (capital "G") without ever expecting us to limit such holy ambition. We strongly believe that God Almighty will really give us abundantly, even in miraculous ways, if we dare to ask much for His glory. We know very well Jesus' promise clearly states, "Whatever you ask in my Name will be given to you." Actually, after 40 years of "prayers," we barely officially began (Christmas 2013) this Lab-Net incubator for the New Evangelization in honor and thanksgiving to the Blessed Family (see ABOUT), and the Holy Spirit already entrusted to us seven(*) awesome "mustard-seed" grade wedge-insight miracles.

Paraphrasing some popular sayings, we would like to remind you that thousands of times in history a baby has become a king to rule a nation; only one time has a King become a baby to save all nations. Because of Him, our Divine King, we can and should have a hoping heart. It's impossible, says pride; It's risky, says experience; It's pointless, says fear; It's time wasted, says greed. Give it a try, whispers the hoping heart, because if you always do what you always did, you will get what you always got. Great minds discuss beneficial ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. Some people even risk their lives to climb mountains like the Everest. Don't climb mountains so that people can see or praise you. Climb mountains so that you can see the world and do something about it. This virtual university-lab, entrusted to St. Joachim & St. Anne, despite being humble and still small, will provide a virtual mountain from where you can see the whole world like no other place on the Internet. In other words, our unique JoAn's (conjugal couple) virtual university-lab approach to X-ray the current world reality and hopes, under the following reasonable Christian vision and priorities (always open to improvements/corrections), can surely help you to graduate from a potential lifetime of semi-consciousness myopia (or even from serious shortsightedness due to sins of omission), to the top of a virtual "Everest" of knowledge and self-empowerment that no amount of money can ever pay and no college curricula can currently offer.

Nevertheless, before you learn our “game-plan” and look at our several work-groups, intercession-groups, study-groups, action-groups, opportunities and challenges, please keep in mind that it is a prerequisite to build up our uniting principles and have prompt access to the Sacred Scripture, Catechism of Catholic Church, and the Consolidation of the Catholic Social Doctrine. We will provide you a special free search app that will make it easy to have this access.

Here’s our essential list of keywords, as the first level of our generic, abstract Global Policy. It’s a kind of waiting room for a more specific “game-plan” for our future, non-abstract, Global Policy. Key-Words under quotes have a special meaning that will be commented or explained in details, as we did already, directly or indirectly, for all "Foundational Spiritual Key-Words" under the "St. Andrew's Pledge" (link below).

(The entire text content of this page is copyright protected and copy is not permitted without our written authorization.)


Long-term / Legacy / Unity
Strategic / "Proportionality"
Preventive / Proactive / Original
"Global" / World Vision
Anti-reductionist / Anti-superficiality Creativity
Virtual and Non-Virtual Private University
Human Pregnancy / “9 months”
Grand Fatherhood/Motherhood
Grandpa/Grandma “orphanage”
Laboratory / Specialization / Realistic / Attainable
Learn from the Best
The "Any" & The "All" Factors/ The Wedge Factor
"Ambitious": Please read our Mission-Statement (at the end of each page)

Catholic / Christian / Ecumenical
Communion of Saints / Devotions, Rosary
New Pentecost / Intense Prayer
Mass Offerings/ Eucharistic Adoration 
Knighthood / Courage / Militancy
Contemplation / Docility / Intercession
Interdependence, Humility
Metanoia/Ongoing Conversion
“Eschatological Extensionism”
Support the "best,” Ego-less
Please read our "Pledge of St. Andrew" for more generic details regarding these Foundational Key-Words.

Focus Index of Groups

Our first challenge is to fine-tune our initial hierarchical macro-classification of several focus-forums of work-groups that will slightly increase or decrease as needed. Here is the final barebone draft of issues and/or initiatives under the following triple category of macro-focus: Strategic, "Grave" (Critical) and Global. We are aiming to support creative initiatives/partnerships and sustainable alternative ways to care for all, especially those suffering the most, and for our common home, the planet, as Pope Francis asked as to do. Let's wedge-break the "impossible" into smaller "possible' segments or paths. When the "soup" still remains too "hot," if we persist and ask God for it, He will give us the wisdom and patience to even enjoy eating it from the "periphery of the plate," little, by little, by little. We hope and pray that God will help us to work and look together to find or create at least one "Mustard Seed" that could potentially make a positive difference for or related to each topic carefully selected to be part of our "JoAnLab" index backbone listed below.

Here’s the first group of MACRO-FOCUSES: (please repeat reading: STRATEGIC Fronts, STRATEGIC Models, STRATEGIC...)

STRATEGICS (SEMINAL): Fronts, Models, Products, Services, Technologies, Pastoral Fronts, Issues, Initiatives, etc.
"GRAVES" (CRITICAL): Potential Heresies/Errors, "Syndromatic" Issues, Geo-localized "Syndromatic" Issues, Crimes against Humanity, etc.
WORLDWIDE (GLOBAL): Missionary Challenges, Civilization Challenges, Scientific Challenges, Ecological, etc.

Each macro-focus has several focuses and sub-focuses under the spotlight, that may grow or be moved under and, eventually, deleted, if needed. Virtual symbols and chart representations like tree/forest, pyramid, or interdisciplinary circles, in addition to a hierarchical plan-of-accounts type of index (starting with this first index, below) should be developed as a visual tool for a better holistic understanding (note that “world-vision” is one of our keywords). Evidently we will always work/research/reflect/invest/decide under total fidelity to the "Magisterium" of the Church plus explicit, public and active partnership in and with the "Communion of the Saints" in Heaven. Every "Focus" will have at least one Patron-Saint and absolutely no membership will be approved or extended for forum members —also open to non-believers— that lack, at the very least, a unifying attitude, ethical integrity, goodwill and a sincere respect for the Roman Catholic Church. In addition, before membership approval, we will need to have some kind of personal contact with any member, if not face to face, at least over the phone. Please use our calendar "app" on the "CONTACT" tab to schedule a phone call. As need arises, some topics will be eventually renamed, integrated, or separated, regrouped and/or reordered. Basically we will reflect, pray, fast, invoke the intercession from each "Focus's" Patron Saint, offer Masses, rosaries and "holy-hours," research and work under the following list of sub-focuses. Each one will have a separate budget, SeeBank.Net & PayPal account, eventual "What's-app" group-code, and a  focus-group type of separated forum or blog for each topic inside its exclusive Group-Homepage, which includes pertinent tabs with permanent videos, photos, ever-links and/or any other needed site-tab appropriated for each group-exclusive website.

(Please print or keep this INDEX-tab open for reference before you dive into the network of groups webpages labyrinth under the NETGROUPS HUB

Strategic Fronts SFT:
SFT01- Faith, Science & Reason
         SFT01.01- Magis Center International support and other similar institutions.
SFT02- Mass-media
         SFT02.01- Mapping/denounce false catholic groups like "Catholics" For Choice and other arrogante individuals seeking to manipulate or use the Church instead of serving and giving out of Christian Charity.
         SFT02.02- Strategic Support for EWTN and/or similar international faithfull Catholic mass-media outreaches. 
SFT03- Watchdog Groups and Organizations serving Humanity on the Frontlines
         SFT03.01- Consumer Protection
         SFT03.02- Senior Sleuths (like FL Attorney General), support
         SFT03.03- Support for The Int'l. Justice Mission and support for the positive side of institutions such  as Thorn Technology, etc.
SFT04- Terror, radicalization and violent extremism "Prevention Systems," Preventive Laws & Policies, Preventive Initiative.

Strategic Models for the future (macro-systems) SMD:
SMD01- Pro-Family / Pro-Life Democracy
        SMD01.01- ...
SMD02- Solidary & Sustainable Economy without Marxism curses
        SMD02.01- Alternative Currencies
        SMD02.02- "Uniapac" pioneer's seeds, consequences and similar (Social Balance, Economy of Communion, ADCEs, etc.)   
SMD03- New Educational System
        SMD03.01- Free-"Didactism"
              SMD03.01.01- Supported Int'l. Homeschooling System
SMD04- New Parallel / Alternative Penal System

Strategic Initiatives SIT:
SIT01- SeeBank.Net - International's Educational Platform Lab
        SIT01.01- "Free-Didactism" Experiment
SIT02- Eschatological "Extensionism"
SIT03- Religious Vocation's virtual clearing house
        SIT03.01- Gethsemane Male Vocation Network
                SIT03.01.01- "Gethsemanet's" Home-seminaries
                SIT03.01.02- "Gethsemanet" Portable Chapel for Vocations
                SIT03.01.03- La Salette Sub-Net
SIT04- New Legislative Lobbies plus civil disobedience (i.e. tax dollars cannot be used for murder) or even passive resistance if morally inevitable. 
        SIT04.01- Opposing any anti-family anti-life legislation.
        SIT04.02-  Defending/promoting strategic ones: i.e.conscience objections, homeschooling, tax vouchers for private schools, pro-adoption programs, etc.
SIT05- Fraternal admonishment/constructive criticism to/for:
        SIT05.01- Luis Even Institute.
        SIT05.02- Inter-diocesan substantial solidarity (financial, technology... by "admonishment" information services, etc.)
SIT06- Private Monetary Fund and/or disasters/grave hardship insurance to help/support:
        SIT06.01- For authentic Catholic media groups and even individuals.
        SIT06.02- Small Countries against anti-life/family "blackmail" programs from the U.N., USA, some NGOs, etc.

Strategic Issues SIS:
SIS01- Statistic Realities/Remedies ("disproportionate")
SIS02- Disruptive Innovations
         SIS02.01- Lack of innovations within Church's ("lato sense") possible areas, especially services, internal communication/cooperation & C.S.D. experimentation.

Strategic Products or Services SPD:
SPD01- Water Related Products or Services
         SPD01.01- Water-less hygienic devices
SPD02- Solar or Wind-related Products or Services
         SPD02.01- ...
SPD03- Shelters or very affordable Houses 
SPD04- Energy-less Food Preservers or Food related
SPD05- Mosquito Nets, Traps or related
SPD06- Non-lethal weapons or similar self-defense devices
SPD07- Unmanned Vehicles: UAV (like drones) and UTV (like driver-less trucks)  

Strategic Technologies STE:
STE01- Penal enforcement/Digital devices, Humane Criminal Laws
STE02- Apple "iDoctor," Google "Glass," ..., paraphernalia
          STE02.01- ...
STE03- Remote Learning / Audio-video Conference
STE04- Vertical Farms and related...
STE05- Affordable alternatives for expensive infrastructures (like power grid, roads, etc)
STE06- AI (Artificial Intelligence)
STE07- AR & VR (Augmented & Virtual Realities)
STE08- Robotics
STE09- IoT (Internet of Things)
STE10- 3DP (three dimensional printing)

Strategic Pastoral Fronts SPF:
SPF01- NFP - Natural Family Planning and related.
SPF02- Sacrament of Confirmation/Chastity (& then all others: marriage, religious vocations, etc.)
       SPF02.01- See GSI01.01: "Action-Front-line" connected with this Entry, exclusive for women under domestic violence
SPF03- Daily Accessible Foundational Devotions ("Our Father," Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Blessed Sacrament visits, "Angelus," etc.)
       SPF03.01- Blessed Family Rosary Apostolate
SPF04- Christian Unity
       SPF04.01- Dr. David Anders' Called to Communion Legacy (Digital Audio Library Grant)
SPF05- 'Conjugality' as a Higher Vocation Proposition
SPF06- Major Legacies Catholic Calendar
SPF07- JPII's Theology of the Body
SPF08- Music & Sport as mass means of Evangelization.

Grave Modern Potential Heresies/Errors GPH:
GPH01- Pantheism/Vegan/New Age
GPH02- Catholic "Adventism"
GPH03- Reincarnation Based Doctrines
GPH04- Cults
GPH05- Ufologists and/or other planets seekers to escape the earth. 

Grave Health-related "Syndromatic" (multiple sources: moral/psych/cultural/economic/legal/religious) Issues GHI:
GHI01- Radical Homosexual Ideology ("genderless involution")
       GHI01.01- Sex abuse crisis (1- in the Military, 2-Schools, 3-Church, 4-Entertainement Industry, etc)  
                GHI01.01.01- ...  2-...
                GHI01.01.03- In the Church
GHI02- Substance Addictions
       GHI02.01- Legalization of "Recreational" Marijuana
       GHI02.02- Tobacco
       GHI02.03- Alcoholism
       GHI02.04- Highly addictive: heroin, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, synthetic MDPV ("bath-salts"), etc.
       GHI02.05- Highly addictive legal drugs (OxyContin, Seconal, Morphine, Fentanyl, Adderall etc.)
GHI03- Mental Illness
       GHI03.01- Legal Drug Log Enforcement Law
GHI04- Hyper Sensitivity
GHI05- Obesity / "Sedentarity" (sedentary)
GHI06- Depression 
GHI07- Suicide
GHI08- Compulsive (or not!) Lying Disorders "socio-psychosomatically" by a deceitful & cynical relativistic culture of lies. 
GHI09- Heavy use of Profane language (affects how poorly others will treat or isolate a foulmouthed person, with severe consequences)

Grave "Syndromatic" (multiple sources: moral/psych/cultural/economic/legal/religious) Issues GSI:
GSI01- Domestic Violence
       GSI01.01- Brave-heart preventive Plan for Women at risk of Domestic Violence
GSI02- Divorce
       GSI02.01- Parental Alienation 
GSI03- Lack of Religious Freedom (which should not be extended/granted to "religions" or factions that reject Religious Freedom) 
       GSI03.01- Radical Islam
       GSI03.02- ...
GSI04- Secularism
GSI05- Fundamentalism
GSI06- Ideological Contamination (subtle but powerful, devastating/destructive mentality/behavior)
       GSI06.01- Marxism
GSI07- Militant Atheism
GSI08- Proselytism/Syncretism/Sects
GSI09- Unmarried Parenthood (wrongly called "Single" Parenting)
       GSI09.01- Fatherless Generation

Grave Geo-localized "Syndromatic" Issues GGI:
GGI01- Pan ethnic cleansing like Darfur, etc.
GGI02- Unbelievable civil wars like Congo, etc.
GGI03- Narcotic-war zones
GGI04- Corruption
       GGI04.01- Brazilian government extortion through tax system, big government, chronic corruption, Lula+PT organized crime, electoral frauds, etc.
GGI05- Inhumane jail conditions
GGI06- Female Genital mutilation
GGI07- Family's subtle evil "ism's": maternalism & paternalism, "machoism" & feminism and sentimentalism.
GGI08- International Population Control
GGI09- Hyperinflation
GGI10- Criminal traffic of arms
GGI11- Illiteracy
GGI12- Extreme hunger
GGI13- Severe lack of drinkable water
GGI14- Life threatening pollution and/or luck of sanitation
       GGI14.01- Endemic parasitic infections
       GGI14.02- Pandemic mosquitoes transmitted diseases 
GGI15- Minefield areas
GGI16- Caste system societies
GGI17- Homelessness
       GGI17.01- Child homelessness
       GGI17.02- Housing deficits
GGI18- Lack of access to basic/critical working tools
GGI19- Severe lack of means of transport
       GGI19.01- Distribution related profiteering, price gouging, hoarding, etc (especially key products like medicine, eye glasses, baby formulas, water)
GGI20- Israeli-Palestinian conflict
GGI21- Negligent care or Rights violation of people living with serious disabilities (blindness, deafness, muteness, mental, all physical and mobility impairments, etc)
GGI22- Police brutality; domestic militarization of police; Law enforcement excessive killings
GGI23- Lack of property title system and/or proof of ownership (car, land, houses, live stock, partitions, etc.)
GGI24- Refugee crisis.

Grave Crimes or Organized Crimes Against Humanity GOC:
GOC01- Abortion, Euthanasia, Human embryo manipulations plus many bio-genetics horrors.
GOC02- Destructive (even lethal) additive gambling
GOC03- Pedophilia/Child-porn/Child-trafficking
GOC04- The scourge of pornography
GOC05- Human Trafficking
GOC06- Trafficking of Human Organs
GOC07- Slavery
GOC08- Organized sponsored honor killings (mafias, some radical Muslims factions, etc.)
          GOC08.01- ...
GOC09- Real, organized persecution / discrimination (race, gender, religious, etc.)
          GOC09.01- Christian Persecutions
          GOC09.02- Hate crimes
GOC10- Cyber-crimes
          GOC10.01- Under Web / Dark Web (Some segments of the Deep Web)
GOC11- Financial crimes
          GOC11.01- Usury loans (homes, cars, business' collateral stolen daily)
          GOC11.02- Ponzi schemes, big bribery, shell companies, offshore accounts, etc.
GOC12- Quantum physics and Genetic (specially bio) potential crimes and unethical manipulations / researches
          GOC12..01-  Big Farma mRNA psudo Covid19 vaccine world compulsory crime
GOC13- Terrorism
          GOC13.01- Rapes
          GOC13.02- Coerced conversions, sharia law, brainwashing, indoctrination, etc.
GOC14- Severe Citizens' Rights Abuse (Property Grabbing, Violence, Extortion, etc.)
GOC15- Illegal drug trade and international trafficking
GOC16- Counterfeit Medication
GOC17- Acid violence (deliberate use of acid to attack another person)
GOC18- Child Soldiers
GOC19- Fraudulent foundational Electoral Systems or critical Voting Subsystems.

Worldwide Missionary Challenges WMC:
WMC01- European Christian roots
WMC02- The tsunami of secularism/atheism
WMC03- Explicit and/or Direct Demonic Activities on Earth.
        WMC03.01- Satanism
        WMC03.02- Witchcraft
        WMC03.03- Ritual Killings
        WMC03.04- Demonic possession  
        WMC03.05- Demonic oppression    
WMC04- More than one billion group of souls:
        WMC04.01- Chinese
        WMC04.02- Hindus
        WMC04.03- Muslims
WMC05- Sexual Promiscuity / lack of effective chastity formation and massive abstinence programs.

Worldwide Ecological (Earth Stewardship) Challenges WEC:
WEC01- Global Warming's reality check
WEC02- Deforestation Tragedies
         WEC02.01- Amazon
         WEC02.02- Africa
WEC03- Air Pollution
         WEC03.01- China
         WEC03.02- Mexico City
WEC04- Water Pollution
         WEC04.01- Oceans Pollution
         WEC04.02- Fresh Water Pollution
WEC05- Solid Waste Pollution
         WEC05.01- Human Waste
         WEC05.02- ...
WEC06- Worldwide Wasting Wonderland!
         WEC06.01- Outrageous wasting of food
         WEC06.02- Wasting of energy
         WEC06.03- Disgusting wasting of time (on TV, traffic, social network, games, etc.)
         WEC06.04- Wasting of water
         WEC06.05- Wasting of raw materials & other resources
                WEC06.05.01- Lack of recycling services
WEC07- Overexploitation, overharvesting, overfishing, overhunting = depletion, extinction

Worldwide Civilization Challenges (how to confront neo-manicheism, evil sabotage, etc.) or dangers  WCC:
WCC01- Defend and/or Improve God's extraordinary gifts granted to humanity through:
         WCC01.01- Vaccination breakthroughs
         WCC01.02- Internet technology
         WCC01.03- Fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other polemic agriculture technologies
         WCC01.04- Petrochemistry's 'revolution'
WCC02- Future generations "Never More!" historic memory preservation of holocaust type of horrors: Mao, Hitler, Stalin, etc., plus preventive initiatives.
         WCC02.01- W.W. Preventive & "pedagogic" new exemplary "Life sentence punishment" Proj. of Int'l. Law, for every major future crimes against humanity, including not only genocide, but bio-genetic horrific crimes (eventual "human-pig" hybrid-monsters, for example), etc. 
WCC03- Imminent second September 11th terror tragedy
         WCC03.01- Nuclear attack   
         WCC03.02- Chemical attack
WCC04- Privacy Right desperate need of broad support
         WCC04.01- Privacy watchdog groups or organizations (over Android, iOS, Social-Media, etc.)
WCC05- How to enforce government transparency
WCC06- How to reconcile self-defense and gun control
WCC07- Curse of Impunity (U.N.: "4 billion people live outside the protection of the law")
         WCC07.01- Drastically reduce "death penalty" as key factor to proper address "Impunity" within a higher ethical frame & very rare exceptions.
WCC08- How to defend, improve and expand Middle Class Families
WCC09- How to defend, improve and expand Human Rights
WCC10- How to help to avoid a future world nuclear war conflict.
WCC11- How to harvest cannabinoids medicinal benefits without worsening even more the ocean of potential zombies of marijuana addicts.
WCC12- Immigration: How to reconcile the Duty of Nations to protect their frontiers w/ immigration "Existential" Rights given by God to peaceful people, if under special circumstances.

Worldwide Scientific Challenges WSC:
WSC01- Affordable Energy Storage Devices 
WSC02- Affordable Desalinization / Purification of Water
WSC03- Affordable Food Preservation 
WSC04- Health related Scientific Nightmare:
        WSC04.01- Cancer
        WSC04.02- Mental Illnesses
        WSC04.03- Cardiovascular related (strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis, etc.)

Related to the Focuses SIT03.01, SIT01, SMD03.01, SPF05, SPF06, GHI03.01, GOC01 and SIT02. 

(The entire text content of this page is copyright protected and copy is not permitted without our written authorization.The Blessed Family of Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Community).

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The Blessed Family of Saint Joachim

Little Miryam, our Immaculate Princess on her “throne.” Divine Holy Spirit's masterpiece, spotless human diamond, the new "Eva," immaculated conceived in the womb of St. Anne. God's re-creation of humanity through St. Joachim.

St. Joachim & St. Anne Pray for Us!

Oh Immaculate Princess!

Precious little Miryam of papa Saint Joachim, conceived without sin in the blessed womb of mama St. Anne. In your overflowing fullness of grace we plead, please remember us as you remembered even your homemade baby-dolls, and the many kisses your mom & dad "had" to give on them -in addition to yours!-  because of your... "intercession":  Protect us from tragedies, especially grave sins, therefore defending us against the Evil One, and keep us in peace under your angels we beg you, we trust. United to your beloved parents please pray for us, little Princess, who have recourse to thee as adoptive brothers and sisters, that we may live a life of ongoing conversion, always within your Son's Church, as holy and joyful as possible; in your name loving and protecting every child, every grandparent, every pregnant woman, every family, until safely united with you in Paradise, forever! 

Full of hope and confidence we plead, through your sweet, kind and most pure heart of a little Jewish girl forever alive within you, for the sake of your mom and dad's unforgettable ocean of tender love, prayers, and homey protection; and for the inexhaustible everlasting treasure of holy memories and consolations that they infused in the deepest reaches of your being, as an essential portion of your eternal Heaven, that God the Father rich in Mercy, through your intercession, in the blood and merits of your son Jesus Christ, our Messiah and Divine Redeemer, will indeed grant humanity a new Pentecost, with all Grace and blessings that we need to really understand the power of fraternal Unity in the Holy Spirit, and become a New Humanity, meek and humble of heart, loving and courageously faithful to the Will of God, until the last day of our lives, up to the last generation. Ad majorem Dei gloriam, Amen!


Pope [St.] Paul VI Foundation: 49th anniversary - "Quietus Ora, Adora et Labora, ad majorem Dei gloriam!"

The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!

(That's our powerful Mission Statement, from day one, 49 years ago! Please join us and share it. How? Do all the Good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, at all the places you can, at any time, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta literally taught us to “Always help whoever you can, whenever you can, and however you can, even if it's just with something small, but always try to do some Good. God doesn't require us to succeed, He only requires that you try." )