B-Providence Int'l. (a Public Benefit Corporation)

Currently in early development, it was projected many years ago, to become a "Franchise" like faith-based certified "Benefit" Business System.


B Providence Multi-Business Holding International:

Low overhead, US based multinational-project to be transferred to Rome - Italy, as a limited liability, paperless, fundraising "B" factor franchise for a 24/7 system of benefit corporations. Not-for-profit international Holding, designed to purchase or establish small for-profit businesses into a system of company-schools of skilled labor not only to provide economic resources for this religious Society and its Apostolic Missions through outstanding services and quality products but also to support as much as possible the “Economy of Communion[1]” Network. Also, as a future company-school pre-designed to be deeply committed with the Catholic Social Teachings (integral ecology, integral human promotion, sustainability, circular economy[2], etc.). Its goal will be to provide Christian values-based apprenticeship opportunities especially for younger and other first-time job seekers and jobless people in need of retraining. Even our future full-time employees should not work more than 25/30 hr./week and study/train or teach less than 7 hr./week (regardless if “in addition to” or included within the 25/30 hr.).

This unusual Holding and business divisions administrator (already legally registered and named “B" Providence MB Holding, PBC”, aproved as a Public Benefit Corporation by the State of Delaware, including it's first strategic Division: https://Telecom.BProvidence.com), will then be establish, little-by-little, in each possible hosting country as a simple local B/P branch-matrix under local laws, just adding its name as a suffix like, for instance, B-Providence USA, B-Providence Brazil, B-Providence Spain, etc.

In each nation, this “national-matrix” wholly owned subsidiary (or as far as permitted by local laws), will be deeply bonded by our Mission Statement ("The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!"); and should be keenly able to quickly generate future local business as Corporate Divisions like “B-Providence USA Dry Food Division*” or B Providence USA General Contractors Division, ...Water & Sewerage "B" Division, Alternative Energy "b" Division, ... Marketing Division*, B-Telecommunication’s Division*, and so forth. (*= already in operation).

Each small business, as a semi-independent "B-P" Division (probably at a State level, in large nations), whether fully owned or in partnership, should be almost instantly ready for paperless and, if possible, even “office-less” operations, from our own digital Credit Union[3] integrated online software platform partnerships (CRM, accounting, billing, inventory, sales, and SEO+PPC marketing). Overall potential shareable savings could go to the hundreds of thousands of dollars: Centralized SEO+PPC expertise, copy and duplicate solutions, minor customizations for invoices and forms, etc.; not to mention the avoided cost to acquire and maintain such technology, indispensable for most business survival.

We also hope to enable ad-hoc parish-level or even diocesan level (inter-parishes) temporary micro-businesses aiming to provide employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, at least for training purposes, working with the community for their acceptance into other permanent jobs, if possible.

Our specially created “B” factor (Blessed: beneficial, bountiful, better/best, benevolent, bold), whether visible (B. Division) or not for customers, the marketplace, etc., is a strategy of marketing, management, identity and even the starting point of conversations to help us evangelize as we work:  “b”, in small-case, means the “minimum minimorum” level of “blessed” for each Division or Department: drug-free employees, debt-free, quality, etc. The capital “B” is the very next level. “Bl.” (The orthographic abbreviation of the word “Blessed”) is the final top level of abbreviations, which may or may not form part of the public name of such Division. For example, it may be convenient to enter the abbreviation “B.” in a business card, but not in a public advertisement. Finally, a profitable “Bl.” Division, after 9 years with no accidents, no incidents, no complaints, etc., will be able to incorporate in its public status, if/when/where convenient, this top ranking of “Blessed,” likely abbreviated under two letters. Nonetheless, that could be quickly dropped back from top to bottom and, if not sufficient for “b”, swiftly intervened in or closed, according to our private franchise’s “B” factor tough rules. Absolutely no Division will remain in business, without at least a fully compliance with the small "b" level of internal integrity.

Since 1976, The Pope Paul VI Foundation played a very discreet but active part as one of the few pioneers of the [now worldwide] Corporate Social Responsibility Movement, currently called the "B" Company movement. A Catholic Social Doctrine’s seminal Initiative, it started during the 1950s by Uniapac, Blessed Enrique Shaw (Argentine Entrepreneur now under canonical path for Sainthood[4]), ADCE-Brazil, and some other Catholic Institutions inspired by the Rerum Novarum. Also The Pope Paul VI Foundation, with our own "Social Profit (Purpose) Christian Network 1976 (The "Social Balance" requirement proposal ADCE+Uniapac, etc.) that predated the "Sullivan Principles" (USA-1977); the "Economy of Communion" Project, born in Brazil (1991); the [Social-Bal.equivalent] John Elkington's tripple bottom line (1998); The bank Unibanco's ESG mandate (2000) also from Brazil, etc., brought an strategic contribution which is enduring and growing for almost half-century.

Nowadays, it is internationally manifested by local laws, regulated initiatives and concepts (The "B" Economy, the Circular Economy, the Sustainable Economy, etc.) such as Flexible Purpose Corporations; public B (Benefit) Corporations; Low-profit limited liability companies; Community interest companies; Impact Investing; Public-benefit corporations; Socially responsible investing; Stakeholder theories; Social Purpose Corporation, Fair Trade partnerships and even as Workplace Spirituality. In other words, as a matter of fact, the whole ESG's market, metrics and reportings, now fastly becoming a worldwide business imperative within a multi-trillion dollar global market, came 100% from the Catholic Church, led by Brazil (still the world #1 ESG Movement), and now already spreaded troughout Latin American, mostly coordinated by the  the Latin American Quality Institute, headquarters in Panama for geo-strategic reason. Ultimately, worldwide ESG compliance and co-related certifications such as ISO 9000, will represent a major achievement for the future of Human Civilization, likewise most previous historical milestones, originated and granted to humanity -but "taken for granted"- during the past 2000 years, by the Church founded by Jesus Christ.

Therefore, in our particularly "proud" Case, our initials  "B"&"P" not only means "Beneficial" & "Professional" (Corporation). Above all, it means B Providential. It represents a public but personal invitation to "B.P.": To B (become) a new instrument of the Divine Providence, hopefully for the rest of our lives, if accepted. It also means "B" Persistent, B Prayerful, B Provident, Protector, Preventive, Prudent, Proactive, etc. As Mother Teresa taught: “Always help whoever you can, whenever you can, however you can, even if it's with something small, but always try to help." So, at least let's try to B Present, Perspicacious & Prompt to every new opportunity of B (becoming) a Prayerful instrument of God's mysterious Providence in this desperately needed world; more than ever grasping for true Hope, which only God can grant, especially if we Proactively help Him to Prevent evil as much as possible. After all, “B Perfect, as your Heavenly Father is Perfect”, constitute an imperative that Christ Himself ordered to those who follow Him, and we never had nor will ever have greater honor and priority other than striving to Persevere in following Him daily and forever!

[1] www.edc-online.org

[2] For future use, we already created the hashtag #WeRe, meaning We Repair, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Recover, Refurbish, Renew &… Rejoice!

[3] www.SeeBank.Net

[4] "The greatest companies of our time are founded and built by missionaries, not mercenaries.” (Kleiner Perkins & investor John Doerr)

Pope [St.] Paul VI Foundation: 44th anniversary - "Quietus Ora, Adora et Labora, ad majorem Dei gloriam!"

"The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!"

(In other words: do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.)