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Let's imagine from whom, primarily,  our blessed mother Mary learned how to serve with love and the divine honors associated with.


(Sculpture by David M. Wanner)


Little Miryam, our Immaculate Princess on her “throne.” Divine Holy Spirit's masterpiece, spotless human diamond, the new "Eva," immaculated conceived in the womb of St. Anne. God's re-creation of humanity through St. Joachim.

The Immaculate Princess' Prayer

Oh Immaculate Princess!

Precious little Miryam of papa Saint Joachim, conceived without sin in the blessed womb of mama St. Anne. In your overflowing fullness of grace we plead, please remember us as you remembered even your homemade baby-dolls, and the many kisses your mom & dad "had" to give on them -in addition to yours!-  because of your... "intercession":  Protect us from tragedies, especially grave sins, therefore defending us against the Evil One, and keep us in peace under your angels we beg you, we trust. United to your beloved parents please pray for us, little Princess, who have recourse to thee as adoptive brothers and sisters, that we may live a life of ongoing conversion, always within your Son's Church, as holy and joyful as possible; in your name loving and protecting every child, every grandparent, every pregnant woman, every family, until safely united with you in Paradise, forever! 

Full of hope and confidence we plead, through your sweet, kind and most pure heart of a little Jewish girl forever alive within you, for the sake of your mom and dad's unforgettable ocean of tender love, prayers, and homey protection; and for the inexhaustible everlasting treasure of holy memories and consolations that they infused in the deepest reaches of your being, as an essential portion of your eternal Heaven, that God the Father rich in Mercy, through your intercession, in the blood and merits of your son Jesus Christ, our Messiah and Divine Redeemer, will indeed grant humanity a new Pentecost, with all the grace and blessings that we need to really understand the power of fraternal Unity in the Holy Spirit, and become a New Humanity, meek and humble of heart, loving and courageously faithful to the Will of God, until the last day of our lives, up to the last generation. Ad majorem Dei gloriam, Amen!


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