SeeBank.Net ℠ for Life and Communion


The international SeeBank.Net for Life and Communion (hashtag #SeeBank4Life: "See" pronounced as "C") is a private, membership-based not-for-profit religious Society for the promotion, defense and teaching of the Christian Faith, deeply committed with Pope Francis' utmost priority and priceless worldwide leadership towards an "Integral Human Development in the light of the Gospel"; aiming to become an advanced experimental laboratory for the future of the Catholic Social Teachings in some pertinent critical areas.

Technically speaking, the SeeBank℠ Private Network will operate on and through the Hedera Hashgraph Open Platform, under a long-term strategic vision and decision to become a force for Good, fighting for ethical integrity within the digital economy. Primarily, the SeeBank℠ Network will operate as a Financial Ministry Charitable/Catechetical Pro-family Outreach (especially for the most needy), supported by a closed (by invitation only) Credit Union Club-System based upon its own private asset-backed digital currency (The "SeeDollar"™) and market (The SeeMarket), especially designed to function as strategic instruments for the support of New Evangelization's worthy projects and initiatives. The SeeMarket, despite pre-designed to become a parallel kind of private and international market network, easily supportable by fully legal, confidential and independent decentralized Hedera-based online operations. Due to it's intrinsically radical CSD commitment (such as Subsidiarity, Fair-trade/competition/prices/... and above all to the Common-Good), it shall yield the same or even higher tax revenue in comparison with the mainstream public market, even voluntarily if not mandate by local laws, using our specially designed private implementation (exclusive for the SeeBank) through the Hedera Token & Consensus Digital Services. "Aggressive" exceptions only against eventual local arrogant government regimes, daring to use tax-money to pay for abortion on demand, disrespect Conscientious Objection and/or violate Religious Freedom. In such cases, every legal option, up to Civil Disobedience and/or other circumstantial moral duties, will not only be considered, but absolutely pursued, at any price: One of the infallible signs of maturity for self-examination of conscience, is the inability of sleep -literally speaking- whenever serious negligence and especially mortal sins of omission are present. The most cowardly eagles can accomplish, is to live "safe and peaceful lives"... living like chickens! Repulsive disgrace not only for themselves and their "secured" coop-confined "eagle" families, but for humanity.

Our carefully created acronym-based, standard format SeeBank.Net℠ proprietary stylized design brand strategy (trademark/servicemark/soundmark/...) which includes its also unique "See-X…" ™ and/or ℠ derivatives (SeeMarket℠, SeeBarter℠, SeeDollar™,  SeeBranch℠, SeeProduct™ etc.), represent the initial three words Social, ethical and educational, followed by a target brand keyword (i.e. Bank, Brach,…). Therefore, "SeeBank"℠ really means a Social, ethical & educational Bank (or "The Socio-ethical and educational Bank", if you prefer). The brand prefixed "See" is to be pronounced globally, regardless of local languages, as the consonant letter "C", in English, as if "C"Bank, "C"Dollar, etc. In addition to invaluable non-tangible assets such as the current ownership of the Internet domains SeeBank.Net,,,, SeeDollar.Net and many other related domains, we also filed several international legal registration processes to protect this Educational Financial Ministry against eventual trademark, servicemark, appmark, soundmark or logomark infringements, plus it's online top-level ".org", ".edu" and ".net" based global presence (Internet domain-names).

Under signed agreement, fully incorporated members (including corporate partnerships) are not only voluntarily deeply committed but legally bound at a sine-qua-non level, by its parent institution's Mission Statement: "The 'ambition' to Do Good and keep Doing Good for others should have NO limits!" and the "Golden Rule." The ultimately common-good and peaceful solidarity of any community or even States -in the future, hopefully-  to be positively affected directly or indirectly by the SeeBank Network private and public activities are, therefore, paramount at the very root of its existence. Leadership, Board Members, Auditors, Trustees, internal Arbiters and every other segment of top Officers not only will have to agree with our "Pledge of St. Andrew" (open to the public, here) but also, under oath, to profess the extra, additional and private "Under-pledge of St. Katharine Drexel" specific to preserve, as much as humanly possible, the future ethical integrity of this innovative and courageous Financial Christian Ministry Int'l. Project, from Brazil. Please keep it under your prayers, if you can, especially now that our whole system with its digital SeeDollars and dApps (Distributed Apps) are currently being either adapeted or in developement under a new long term commitment with the Hedera Public Network which is likely the only really low-energy, hiper-fast and self-sustainable mission-critical "blockchain"-like platform (better then blockchain, called hashgraph), indispensable for our SeeBank major needs, including micro transactions.

 Pope Paul VI Foundation' Spokesman

Video-message to the Prophetic Economy's Panel of Judges, Organizers and Partners (CLICK to watch it)

For more written information, please read the following PDF file (link below). However, the Project White Paper is not available without a request for download, which can be done by phone call or email message; just go to the CONTACT tab.

Combined Initial Messages without the Project's white-paper.

An Initiative of the St. Pope Paul VI Foundation. "The ambition to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits"


SeeBank.Net Practices

Previous Practices' Experimental dual-currency (Dollar/SeeDollar) Retail Bank Software, 100% developed by the Pope Paul VI Foundation.

Here are some samples (copyrighted) of used USA's Check Books and some other portable forms, each one with the exact size of a dollar bill, always printed in both sides, detachable to fit personal wallets, custom generated for each individual member regardless if from personal, savings or corporate accounts.


The new SeeBank.Net advanced website, to be integrated with the SeeBank series of Apps and dApps is under development and not yet available because it is just a fraction, but inseparable, of a major and expensive tech-challenge, already in progress, which is to complete the initial SeeBank.Net digital infraestructure on top of some Hedera Hashgraph Public Network Services and its foundational long-term IT & Cybersecurity partnerships with other players.

Please go to the Project original Social-eBank legacy (as was: No updates) website named (without the "e", for simplification reasons and also to avoid URL mistyping), for more relevant information related to previous practices and experiments done over the years before 2013.

Besides what is already open to the public (i.e. the video above, the Combined Messages - pdf, our founder's message letter "Love Found a Way" etc.), including our participation at the "Prophetic Economy Initiative" (which our Parent institution PPVI Foundation, is one of the official partners), the whole Project Documentation (hundreds of pages) are also available upon request for any Catholic Institution in good standing or potential Pro-bono Christian professionals willing to help us to succeed. 














Pope [St.] Paul VI Foundation: 44th anniversary - "Quietus Ora, Adora et Labora, ad majorem Dei gloriam!"

"The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!"

(In other words: do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.)