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SIT02- Eschatological Extensionism

A deeply responsible eschatological interpretation and proposition, to be started by a public "Manifesto for an Eschatological Extension Wholistic Disposition" (at every level, starting with the prayer level, willing to plead God Almighty for Mercy and the supernatural postponement for the End of the World if precipitated by Humanity outrages and/or natural tragedies).

This Manifesto-book is under slow development. It contains an uncommon but extremely valid/sound Catholic interpretation for the End of Time, under an eschatological perspective in light of scientific discoveries after Father Lemaitre's "Big-Bang Theory."  It will carry also a message of hope, plus pastoral applied scientific researches or insights. The book pretends to demonstrate some important astrophysics and other scientific factors that should affect the way we understand the end of times, purgatory, and the first, so-called "particular judgment". It will emphasize the tremendous pastoral, liturgical, theological, and eschatological importance of the 'Second' and 'Final' coming of Jesus. At the same time, it will suggest a kind of inferior statistic importance, under a “what if” scenario, in terms of the proportion of people that would/could “eye witness” this glorious event during their lifetime, when compared to the potentially +/-150 billion of humans already deceased, even if it happens tomorrow. And how a neo-millenarianism, fundamentalism and some emergent “catholic"-Adventism could easily take the apocalypse, the antichrist, the rapture, etc. out of context, making imminent the end of the world. Evidently that it can be imminent, but such potentially superficial speculation, if present, deeply compromise the quality of our adoration to God the Father, in his absolute sovereignty. Nevertheless, the prudent interpretation of the imminent end -indeed- of our own very short lives, as a real and practical synonymous that coincides with the end of the world for each one of us, will never compromise the integrity of our worship of God (inseparable of his absolute sovereignty). Then, moreover and above all, it will not distract us from the utmost serious priority and duty of preparing well now, every day, for the only brutal event that really matters and will happen soon, at any moment: God's final and irreversible judgment on you and me, sealing our eternal destination, which will happen for sure, very soon, at the exact moment of our death.

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