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SIT04- Freedom Coalition for Civil Disobedience

The FC4CD+ Advocacy Intl. ([Pro]Freedom Coalition for Civil Disobedience, Constructive Resistance, Smart Boycott, and Accountability)


The [Pro]Freedom Coalition for Civil Disobedience, Constructive Resistance, Smart Boycott, and Accountability Advocacy International (FC4CD+[plus...] Advocacy Intl., for short) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and nonviolent but tough and proactive ProFamily, ProFreedom, ProLife, ProFaith & ProScience Subsidiarity Association:

Not in my backyard
Not with my tax dollars
Not with my vote
Not in my marketplace
Not on my watch

Not with my silence
Not without a fight

  • Zero tolerance for abortion paid with taxes.
  • Zero tolerance for lack of respect for the exercise of conscientious objections.
  • Zero tolerance for lack of respect for Religious Freedom.
  • Zero tolerance for evident cowardly behavior from Religious leaders in a position of authority.
  • Fighting for Freedom of Speech for all.
  • Fighting against fake media, fake news, and pseudo-journalism.
  • Fighting big-techs bias censorship and any other organization not committed to respecting freedom Rights.
  • Fighting corruption at all possible levels.
  • Fighting for government transparency.
  • Fighting laws that go against Natural Law, biology, or any other science.
  • Fighting for government accountability.
  • Fighting for provable elections integrity at any price, under severe consequences for violators.
  • Fighting for new laws against judicial negligence, mandating electoral cases to be judged on the merits as ‘sine qua non’ for the certification of results.
  • Fighting for the Right of Churches, Families, Businesses & Persons to effective self-defense in addition to strong public protection paid by taxes.

Legal Support
Information Support
Financial Support
Insurance Support
Security Support
Training Support
Leadership & Logistic Support
And, above all, Moral and Prayer Support
(Adoration, fast, etc. Moral encouragement until no one dares to disobey their own conscience, supposed to be well-formed)

(Some Leadership & Logist Support will likely be provided through some sort of "Digital War Rooms", "Strategic Watch Towers", Best Practices, Central Coordination for grassroots and/or special operations, etc.)


MARKETING MATERIALS (videos, t-shirts, bumper stickers, flyers, business cards, etc.) Perhaps: 

"Enough is Enough!... Let's Do something about...!  

Nothing can be Accomplished by Cowards"

"At least TRY to enforce your Constitutional Rights, to deserve them"   (obviously followed by a website or toll-free#, logo, QR code, etc. depending on each type of media)


MILESTONE EVENT, January 20th, 2021.

The FC4CD+ Advocacy's official starting date and its first local US chapter (Metro Washington DC, phone# 571-467-1444) online inauguration. 

This particular JoAnLab's Focus-group (among 200+), the Focus# SIT04 and its first seed for future action (a ProFreedom for Life Advocacy Project) are, from now on, part-time operational (although incipient and volunteer-based). Initially named FC4CD+ Advocacy an abbreviation for "[Pro]Freedom Coalition for Civil Disobedience, Constructive Resistance, Smart Boycott, and Accountability Advocacy Intl." after a couple of years under prayers and discussions within our Lab-Index (JoAnLab.Net/Index), the FC4CD+ finally became operational (Official websites: &  ), strictly under our parent institution Mission Statement, likewise mandatory for the whole JoAnLab Ministry:  The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!

It is, therefore, established on this Jan 20th, of 2021, at the solemnity of Saint Sebastian, a model of heroic courage and martyr for keeping his Faith in confrontation with a tyrannic regime: Tied to a post or tree and shot with so many arrows that made him look like an urchin, during the Roman emperor Diocletian’s persecution of Christians. Sebastian was found in a miraculous comma by St. Irene of Roma, who took him home and saved his life gradually back to health, with the secret help of her local Christian community. Instead of fleeing or renouncing his faith and freedom, the brave Sebastian, likely a former Roman Centurion, decided to keep fighting for the Kingdom of God and, later stood by a staircase where the emperor was to pass and harangued Diocletian for his cruelties and the Christian holocaust. This freedom of speech, and from a person whom he supposed to have been dead for sure [likely a miracle!], greatly astonished the emperor. As a result, he ordered Sebastian to be clubbed to death until 100% overkilled and "properly" dumped into a kind of cesspool, to become even more insignificant than shit! To this day, courageous and priceless holy people in the eyes of God such as St. Sebastian and St. Irene, precisely because armed with prayers, truths, and peaceful resistance, are considered by their abusers as if powerless and worthless shit that needs to be silenced ASAP, or else, eliminated. "They and their evil partners in persecutions should brace themselves for a huge surprise, probably in hell.

Wicked and stupid Emperor Diocletian had no idea that, in his evil cruelty and satanic arrogance, leading the Roman empire's largest and bloodiest official persecution of Christianity was, in reality, killing himself and his legacy for daring to fight primarily against God and, at the same time, granting us, peaceful militant Christians and all freedom-lovers until the end of time, a super-powerful and fearless spiritual warrior who endured not one, but two martyrdoms in his peacefully powerful defense of life, faith and freedom for all; surrounded by an undefeatable army of anonymous “Irene's, backed by her faith-based community.”

Even from the depths of some excrement-filled sewage place, after his soul was already in Heaven, God guided St. Lucina to rescue his now holy body, which also became an additional source of inspiration and strength then and forever. On the contrary, Diocletian, as well as all other public abusers of power, are just cursed historical names, full of infamy. In his case, to the point of being identified with a terrible villain in Serbian mythology, who is presented as the “Adversary of God” and considered to be a mythological reflection of the historical Diocletian. He not only failed to eliminate Christianity from his empire, on the contrary, after “washing the streets of Rome” so-to-speak, with the blood of Christian martyrs, it also became the last official persecution and, after 324 AD, Christianity became the empire's preferred religion (under Constantine).

Let’s compare Diocletian's tyranny and its equally cursed imitators throughout history up to today's Kim Jong-un, Nicolas Maduro, Xi Jinping, etc., with Saint Sebastian’s past, present, and future glory: As a mere example, what is considered the most beautiful city in the world, also declared “World Heritage Site and Cultural Landscape”  by the UNESCO, is precisely the city of St. Sebastian of “Rio de Janeiro,” meaning, the “City of St. Sebastian’s “River” [bay], “granted to him” and co-named January in honor of and as a reminder to their inhabitants that January is the month to celebrate -worldwide- St. Sebastian’s glorious double-martyrdom, culminating with a multitudinous public thanksgiving procession every January the 20th of each year, participated by hundreds of thousands of St. Sebastian’s friends and St. Irene unaware imitators. The marvelous metro city of St. Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro was built over the centuries under his patronage, contemporaneously overviewed by Christ the Redeemer’s magnificent statue, atop Corcovado mountain, named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World; sourcing the delights of music lovers from every country, with precious masterpieces of harmony from its enchanting "Bossa Nova" (Brasilian samba-jazz) mother-lode, such as The Girl from Ipanema, the second most record song in human history.

The supernatural protection and the entire future of this Strategic IniTiative (=SIT)#04 are, hereafter, entrusted to both Saints Sebastian and Irene of Rome. Unfortunately, “Freedom of Speech/Religion” can no longer cost just physical decapitation, as happened with St John the Baptist in the past, until currently, such as those being perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, by the thousands, against freedom of religion. Nowadays, cowardly ideological censorship followed by no longer covert persecutions, all over the world, are also starting with digital “decapitations,” within a satanic "Cancel Culture." And not only against individual persons, such as done by Twitter against former President Donald Trump but also against whole communities of freedom-defenders, such as done by Amazon, Apple, and Google against the Parler Social Network, using some of Parler's "bad-apple” type of users (inevitable anywhere) as an excuse for a massive "killing" (beginning with character assassination), daring to sordidly link "99" mentally-ill violent individuals rioting thugs, with 99 million peaceful pro-life, pro-family, pro-faith, pro-freedom conservative voters, just because the Parler Corporation’s ownership had the ethical integrity to respect and enforce the First Amendment US Constitutional Rights of its members.

The New Day of Infamy!

For obvious reasons, we have decided to call January 20th, 2021 “The New Day of Infamy”, paraphrasing Roosevelt’s speech and subsequent events (the signing of the Declaration of War) when the United States was forced to enter the II World War, after the attack on Pearl Harbor. January 20th, 2021 is also a new “Day of Infamy” for the world history of Democracy, "a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was […] deliberately attacked by the […] forces of […]” evil. And it will be engraved as the beginning of the First Worldwide Cultural War. We hope it will also initiate a process to restore the future of Democracy with a new and better kind of Democracy model, under rigorously secure electoral systems. It will only be possible if enough decent people all over the world decide to fight for it after such an abyssal 2020 electoral “Pearl Harbor” tragedy for humanity. Unfortunately, from now on, the persecution against pro-freedom fighters, especially faith-filled believers, will grow exponentially.

St. Sebastian and St. Irene, pray for us! 


Soon after the inauguration, in just a matter of weeks,  the persecution starts as posted into our official logpage ( https:/ ) record #26. Until this very day,  by continuous fighting, we are abled to keep the ownership of the domain but not authorized to link "any" website into it, in addition to the illigal block of our phone number 571-467-1444.

In addition to the legal fight to enforce our Rights, as a strategic wedge, we are planning to find a more precise venue, under the protection of the US Constitution, by the gradual activation of the following branch, as an international Association named:

" Not for Abortion International Tax Payers Association for Conscientious Objection."  There is a UNIVERSAL MORAL DUTY FOR ANY DECENT TAX PAYER, even at an individual level, to resist, reduce, reporpose or, in the worse case scenario, even refuse to pay taxes directly, whenever whoever dare to use it to fund, promoted or reimburse abortion on demand at any governemnt level.


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Pope [St.] Paul VI Foundation: 45th anniversary - "Quietus Ora, Adora et Labora, ad majorem Dei gloriam!"

The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!

(That's our powerful Mission Statement, from day one, 45 years ago! Please join us and share it. How? Do all the Good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, at all the places you can, at any time, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta literally taught us to “Always help whoever you can, whenever you can, and however you can, even if it's just with something small, but always try to do some Good. God doesn't require us to succeed, He only requires that you try." )