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SMD03.01- Free "Didactism" Open Educational Technology


SMD03- New Educational System
        SMD03.01- Free-Didactism (or free self-didacticism) Proposition 


Manifesto for a "Free Didactism" Open Educational Technology

It is a kind of long "white paper" or project-book (Thanks to the one year support received from the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro).

The following comment was written by our founder: 

Since my teenage years, I have felt something was (and still is!) deeply wrong with traditional formal education, especially above middle school levels. The light to perceive so many aberrations came as a consequence of my grandfather’s spiritual lessons (freedom + passion + responsibility), deeply related to his private, lifelong mission statement that I inherited as a supreme legacy:  "The 'ambition' of doing Good for others should have no limits!"  Not taking into account individual deep motivations, circumstances, and potential, as well as the right to self-education, is extremely absurd! Therefore, convinced that IQ and money are not the keys to education, but rather will-power, perseverance, good sleeping patterns and ethical integrity, I wrote a manifesto-project during 1984 which I personally brought to the Brazilian Federal Ministry of Education, Dr Esther Figueiredo Ferraz, arguing with her in her cabinet office, that instead of investing billions of dollars, especially in the higher and technical educational system in a traditional way; why not take a portion of it (even a small percentage could be revolutionary) and invest it in a democratic network of "Certifications & Testing Technologies." This would require a huge national gateway of open and free real access to the Semantic Patrimony by all means and every possible level, using renewable labor licenses (like driver privileges) for all other professions or activities, under a smart and free labor market law.

It would be based on skill, knowledge, ethical integrity, age, and the overall social benefit anyone could bring to the world as understood by the Mission Statement: Go get a life doing Good. Some would take two years, others ten years to pass a proper, prudent, and affordable certification offered by a network of nonprofit universities and agencies. Most job openings, labor, and highly valuable knowledge are hidden behind terminologies, academic language, or are difficult to access due to technical contexts.

In synthesis, if we learn from history, how did most of the world's billionaires like Bill Gates, Jack Ma (Alibaba), John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA), Michael Dell, Amancio Ortega (Inditex/Zara), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Elon Musk (Tesla), or Steve Jobs (Apple), etc., who had little formal or no academic education (for example, the only credit Jobs cited for his education was a typography course at Reed College) have created more wealth and revolutionary products than all combined Ph.D. geniuses in the world? This does not even include Shakespeare, who did not attend school past the age of thirteen or Albert Einstein who was a high school drop-out that managed to enforce a kind of private "free didacticism" for himself at any price, even asking a fellow student to secretly answer some tests to save him time to study what really matter for his mission.

This TED video provides a perfect illustration regarding the need for a kind of "Free Didactism Open Technology & Laws"). It's only 6 wonderful minutes:


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  • There's a popular saying in Portuguese that say:
    "Um jovem motivado vai a lua, mas sem motivacao, nao atravessa nem a rua!"
    Which means "A motivated youth can go to the moon, but without motivation cannot even cross a street."
  • Let's use our "Major Legacies Catholic Calendar" (SPF06) to demonstrate as a powerful evidence that the Catholic Faith indeed provide an extremely important foundation to help families build a health and fruitful "Grit" on their children.
  • This TED video provide a perfect ilustration regarding the need for a kind of "Free Didactism Open Technology & Laws"). It's only 6 wonderful minutes:
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Pope [St.] Paul VI Foundation: 45th anniversary - "Quietus Ora, Adora et Labora, ad majorem Dei gloriam!"

The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!

(That's our powerful Mission Statement, from day one, 45 years ago! Please join us and share it. How? Do all the Good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, at all the places you can, at any time, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta literally taught us to “Always help whoever you can, whenever you can, and however you can, even if it's just with something small, but always try to do some Good. God doesn't require us to succeed, He only requires that you try." )