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GSI01.01- "Braveheart" preventive domestic violence Plan for Women

GSI01.01- "Braveheart" domestic violence preventive Plan for Women



Category: "Action Front" 

Also Related to SPF02

Patron Saint: St. Joseph

Status: Active.

"No man is good enough to govern any woman without her consent"

(Susan B. Anthony)





Written and confidential (password protected PDF) Preventive Plan (nicknamed "Braveheart"), including emergency escape options and a list of GPS Apps (below) to support women at risk of domestic abuse from husbands, sons and/or any other family member.

The whole Project is radically connected with the sacrament of Confirmation as a prerequisite and/or special formation for the reception of this Catholic sacrament ASAP, exclusive for women under such risk. Therefore, full membership for this particular action sub-group may not be convenient for non-Catholic Women, although welcome as exceptions.

Only Devils and the Catholic Church as a Communion of Saints really know the true value of authentic Femininity, only possible as priceless "gold" after its purification from Pentecost. That's the reason evil spirits  -again mocking God - invented a fake gold caricature called Feminism, doing at the same time whatever they can to stop women from receiving or from properly reception of the sacrament of Confirmation, among other strategies to block their factual possibility to receive a "baptism" in the Holy Spirit. Only after gradual empowerment and transformation from the Holy Spirit, a woman can have the wisdom to understand and the courage to better defend their own sacred dignity against all violence, particularly if coming precisely from the man to whom God entrusted her protection.

The ultimate responsibility to protect and defend the sacred dignity of every adult human being lies with each one individually. And it's impossible to develop authentic femininity or masculinity without a personal determination to self-enforce the proper respect due to each one of us against serious Human Rights violations.

The Catholic Church, knowing such marvelous reality, honor Mary to the point of hyperdulia since authentic femininity is deeply connected to God's greatest masterpiece, The Immaculate creation of Mary, conceived without sin in the womb of St. Anne.


Warning signs of gaslighting


List of Apps to support women at risk of domestic abuse:


WARNING! Before installing any app, please carefully read the following guideline:



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