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WCC02- Future generations "Never More!" holocaust

WCC02- Future generations "Never More!" historic memory preservation of holocaust type of horrors: Mao, Hitler, Stalin, etc., plus other related preventive initiatives.

         W.W. Preventive & pedagogic new exemplary "Capital Punishment" Project of Int'l. Law, for every major future crimes against humanity, including bio-genetic horrific crimes (eventual "human-pig" hybrid-monsters, for example): Basically, it could be a future kind of "Adolph Hitler's grade" worldwide enforceable (and educational tool) death penalty Project of Law, for irreversible crimes against humanity, particularly applicable, for example, against any pseudo scientist that dare to create a "hybrid" human-pig or any other human-animal being "monster" that could introduce in history any human hybrid living descendant with an inferior of without the same dignity that currently IS still applicable to one hundred percent of the human race AND/OR, for example, anyone that would even cooperate that terror groups like ISIS ended having access to real nuclear or chemical weapons of mass destruction.

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Pope [St.] Paul VI Foundation: 45th anniversary - "Quietus Ora, Adora et Labora, ad majorem Dei gloriam!"

The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!

(That's our powerful Mission Statement, from day one, 45 years ago! Please join us and share it. How? Do all the Good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, at all the places you can, at any time, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta literally taught us to “Always help whoever you can, whenever you can, and however you can, even if it's just with something small, but always try to do some Good. God doesn't require us to succeed, He only requires that you try." )