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WMC03- Satanism

It is absolutely essential to make abundantly clear the true definition of authentic "Religious Freedom," profoundly misinterpreted and manipulated by superficial interpretations or dishonest ideologues, in particular from disciples or worshipers of evil spirits. First, it is indispensable to understand that the very old word “Religious, although born gradually and spontaneously, is a very precise portmanteau in itself, with two very distinctive morphemes, (one prefix=re, and one root= ligious), plus a spoken reduction from its full wording “divine-religious” due to its implicit adjective “divine:” [Devine]-Religious. It’s a natural language simplification [“reduction”], in the same manner that we write other fundamental Human Rights, such as the Right to Water or Air, under the implicit mandatory qualification of “drinkable” water, or “clean” air. To no one would occur to interpret such Right without its implicit adjective. Unfortunately, that is not the case for “Religious Freedom” which is equally obvious and immensely more relevant. From the very root of the Latin verb “ligare” (to connect) origin of the morpheme “ligious,” not in use as a single word because it represents a process in need of a prefix ('re', 'ex', 'dis') to make sense, as a mere portion of a word, not a single fact. The process of, first, renouncing and disconnect from Satan and his demons or deeds, therefore “dis-ligare” [dis-ligious = dis-connect] from evil spirits and rituals, in order to “re-ligare,” as a second step, to God  Almighty and His holy angels, under any reasonable subjective mode provable connected with Goodness, Peace and the Common Good of Humanity.

It is not possible to exercise the sacred Right of authentic [divine] Religious Freedom, without first fulfill the duty to oppose, denounce, and above all to break with any and all types of relations with Satanism, whether overt or covert. Thus, it is inadmissible to apply the paramount universal Human Right of Religious Freedom even remotely interconnected with the forces and reality of personified Evils and their related field of actions such as the underworld, cruelty, "darkness", human traffic, terrorism, totalitarianism, traffic of arms, etc., plus all forms of satanic cults and ideologies, especially those disguised or mixed under the form of a “religion.” It is impossible to “bind together with God and, at the same time, bind with demons. How can “darkness” remain, when the Light comes in? One MUST first “ex-ligare (“dis-ligare”= dis-connect) before being able to “re-ligare” (re-connect, again), which is the literal meaning of the word "Religious." Therefore, Satanism, its promotion, defense, and fellowship are potential crimes against humanity and should be criminalized, denounced, and even forbidden if/when reasonably possible. At least, Satanism in all its forms, should never-ever, be included under the protection of Religious Freedom, quite the opposite!



VIDEO: UK Satanic Abuse Scare: 25 Years on - Conference



"O God, by your mercy give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.(...) " The Serenity Prayer.


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