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SIT0301- Gethsemane Vocation Net



We are pleased to inform you that this is our very first major Focus-Groups' tangible fruit, which was already officially started and somehow formally "anticipated" in Los Angeles - CA on the Feast of St Joseph, March 19, 2015, at the Gethsemane Catholic Store & Int'l. Distributor. We offer many thanks to the Vela’s family support, especially that of the spiritual leader of the family, Capuchin father Rev. Jesus Vela. We also thank the employees of the Gethsemane Catholic Store.

1- The "Gethsemane Religious Vocation Network" is a Roman Catholic Male Conjugality's Josephine Catechetical Program, designed not only to foster Catholic Consecrated Lives for Catholic Men, having Saint Joseph as a Patron Saint and a model for our broad programmatic internal concept of Priesthood, but to gradually become in God's Mercy, a Culture of Vocations' backbone. We offered up this new apostolic work in honor and under the protection of the Blessed Family of Saint Joachim our Patriarch, probably the first "Priest" of a "Domestic Church," in anticipation of the merits of Christ's redemption. It is based on our still incipient but well-founded pro-unity spirituality named "Male or Female Christian Conjugality" (Please read the summary at our main HOME tab page, if you want to learn about "Conjugality" as a Vocation).

2- Why Josephine? St. Joseph was a just and trustworthy man of God. Real Christian men are, as much as possible, natural imitators of St Joseph: Generous givers, not takers; strong protectors, never abusers; proud foot-washer servants, not self-oriented; first providers, seldom receivers; empathetic listeners, not shouters; diligent doers, not procrastinators; deeply just, rarely unfair; creative and laborious, not lazy complainers; and so on. In other words, they are men who are kind, faithful, and patient; full of good will, good instincts, and good habits; promise-keepers, merciful, and prayerful.

3- Out of our shared Priesthood derived from the sacrament of Baptism, and only for this particular outreach vocational program, we defined six (1+5) internal pastoral-pedagogical broad dimensions of Catholic "Priesthood" *1(please read footnote). These are not necessarily theological dimensions in a strict sense or canonical legal sense. The first dimension (Sacerdotal Priesthood) is the only one only possible if realized in "persona Christi capitis." Therefore, it is critically central and, by far, incomparable to any other five programmatic dimensions:

1- SACERDOTAL PRIESTHOOD (Sacerdocio Presbyteral)
Universal Institutional Catholic Church: Ordained Priests & Bishops

A- DIACONAL PRIESTHOOD (Sacerdocio Diaconal)
Vital and direct support to Bishops & Priests, serving Humanity on behalf of our Catholic Church as Ordained Deacons.

B- MATRIMONIAL PRIESTHOOD (Sacerdocio Matrimonial)
Domestic Churches: Husbands under the sacrament of Matrimony, seriously committed to building a sacred marriage on a path of increasing holiness.

C- EDUCATIONAL PRIESTHOOD (Sacerdocio Educacional)
Members of Educational Religious Communities: Vowed Religious Brothers/Friars as professional educators, such as The Marists, Lassalists.

D- "CONTEMPLATIONAL" PRIESTHOOD (Sacerdocio Contemplacional)
Non-ordained Monks and other contemplative Brothers or Friars who practice religious asceticism, living either alone or with any contemplative community. (
Please read orthographic footnote at the end.)

E- "FOUNDATIONAL" PRIESTHOOD (Sacerdocio Fundacional)
For lack of a better term, we had to use "foundational" more in a natural than supernatural sense (which would apply then to the first "dimension") for all other vowed Brothers or Friars; consecrated Lay Missionaries under vows or not; Ecclesial Ministries with or without voluntary vows; consecrated Lay members of New Ecclesial Communities, etc.


Wow! Here are six major holy vocational gateways for men. Every vocation is intensely personal and individual. Only in fulfilling one of these vocational life-paths can a real man can find true, lasting security, deep peace and the great joy to share our Lord's life and adventure, helping His Church to save souls and build a "Civilization of Love".

4- Therefore, under this strategy, we now have and can develop unique pastoral methods combined with bold outreach catechetical techniques never done before. The shared common denominator for all men is that they reaching in proper time (God's timing), a unique cherished consecrated life status, focusing on deep love for God and His Church, without any excuse.  Love for mankind is the implicit prerequisite, which will then increase exponentially, strongly growing towards the highest standard that Chiara Lubich stated for all of us: "Lose everything, even the attachment to holiness, so that you aim only at one thing: To Love!"  

Combined with the power of our "Conjugality" Catholic Spirituality, as a broader and higher Vocational relational concept (even higher than Fatherhood!), we will be able to not only have an open, informal support presence of wives, sisters, children, nuns, mothers, etc., in most of our future meetings and events, but their formal partnership to the point of having women’s coordination and leadership in every possible level,  under our  internal 'St. Andrew's Pledge & Rules'  (please read draft below). We are convinced that by keeping our focus on male vocations, but also having a massive and engaged amount of women who are experts in 'fishing' male people of any age, God will also grant us, as collateral blessings, many parallel women vocations, not only to the matrimonial dimension but all other dimensions, excepted Sacerdotal and Diaconal. We are committed to develop the Gethsemanet platform where each little male "Fish" will then be nurtured, raised, and supported after their consecration not only by that "Angel fisherwoman," but by an army of Godmothers and adoptive Grandmothers: Women not only deeply comfortable with the Male-only Priesthood, according to the Order of Melchizedek forever; but overwhelmed by joy and gratitude, in profound synergy with the mind of God the Father, in His absolute sovereignty, for having decided to established the "Eternal Order of Priests" exclusively for His only Son, the only sufficient Victim, and not for His daughter (Mary or any other). Why sacrifice two victims? Gethsemane and the subsequent inevitable crucifixion is a very heavy "price-place" charged against brave volunteer men only, not women. Nevertheless, how many holy priests, often crucified alive for decades, suffer more for not having the comfort, respect, gratitude, and loving support of any mother at the foot of their own crosses, than for the huge price they freely offered to pay as a victim united with and in "persona Christi," the only real Priest, also in behalf of women? No other human being deserves and needs that permanent support more than an Ordained Priest, especially those not so holy or fruitful in appearance, since only God can judge them.

5- Thank God we now can try out unusual types of weekly events lead by volunteers, such as our Fridays for "Fishermen/Fisherwomen" Gethsemanet open prayer meeting, or our informal 7 minute "flash-exchanges" 7-after & 7-before Sunday Mass in the parish lobby, to exchange flyers and contacts. .  This can eventually be supported by a parking lot presence of a Gethsemanet van at least half hour before and half hour after any possible Sunday Mass, for Pastors that request it. This also includes possible partnerships with the Knights of Columbus, Serra Club Int'l., Diocesan Vocational Programs, Confirmation Preparation Programs; Catholic Men's Conferences; and especially with the congregation founded by Saint Annibale Maria Di Francia, The Rogacionists of the Heart of Jesus (, the world's most important mission for the propagation and practice of the "Rogatio," which is the critical teaching of Jesus regarding vocations: Matt.9:38 "Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers into his harvest,” or Luke 10:2 "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."

6- In order to help with our (mankind’s) desperate need to take possession of such a powerful but mysterious gift-mandate (The "Rogatio"), we are finishing up our little Gethsemane's portable wood chapel prototype (similar to the Serra's T. Chalice), containing at least a victory cross and a simulated altar behind a specially designed liturgical chalice with five sides (not six!), since the first dimension "is" the whole chalice that engulfs and permeates all other five shared dimensions. Before this future devotional miniature altar and work of sacred art can travel to homes and other places, each chalice must first be used during Mass, not only to contain the blood of Jesus, but also His Eucharistic body at least once. In the Mercy and from the Mercy of God, we hope to inspire many brothers and sisters to help in our Church's duty to elevate the "Rogatio" mandate to new levels of understanding, compliance, and fruitfulness for millennia to come. Despite the small number of participants, we began this ministry on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 12, 2015, when our first group of Gethsemanet members committed to beg God the Father, under the intercession of St. Anibal Maria, to have Mercy on our poor Humanity and send into His beloved Church abundant new holy vocations for the salvation of souls and a more just and peaceful world. Ad majorem Dei gloriam, Amen!


From Gethsemane Garden to Everlasting Life. 


1 Member


"Why not just come and follow Him even before you make a lifetime decision, or while you choose with Him and His friends, together, your best gateway for a true and meaningful life? After all, sharing the Gethsemane also as a 'place' in itself, and at least historically, a place for men, will help you to realize, develop and maintain a deep prayer life until the end of your life. Or, if you are right now heading in the wrong direction, why not trade your current shallow, sinful, and cowardly gateway to a miserable life and death for a gateway to freedom, to a joyful real life, plus an eternal heaven?


FIRST STEP: Let's network around the world, in any language, at any Catholic Parish, to form a simple, like-minded, joyful GethsemaNet. Only five people (our Gethsemanet's minimum prayer-group size, also open to women and children, representing the five sides of our specially designed Gethsemanet's portable chapel liturgical chalice), are needed to form what we called an 'alive union-cross,' like the one above, where Jesus can be symbolically crucified at the center of this living-cross, so that you don't need to be there alone, paying the full price. Join an existent group or call us to start a new net-group, and receive our GethsemaNet pilgrim portable-chapel.  






*1:  We will be very prudent and only use such internal and programmatic terminology for didactic and vocational temporary purposes. Far from us, for lack of wisdom or pastoral responsibility, to be—even slightly—the cause of future linguistic confusion:  No one should call “priest” anybody but an ordained presbyter.  A monk is a monk, a husband is a husband, not a priest; a deacon is deacon.  

And as an orthographic clarification note: The suffix 'AL' or, better yet, English words ending with 'AL' in order to denote a relational mode, like matrimoniAL= relating to matrimony; diaconAL= relating to deacons; educationAL= relating to education; sacerdotAL= relating to priests, etc., are critically essential for the way we designed this original vocational outreach. Due to the fact that English literature or culture did not yet need to apply the relational 'AL' termination to the word 'contemplation' in order to denote a relational concept, like we just did, using the word 'relationAL'= related to 'relation' above, we had no choice but to to add the 'AL' termination also to "contemplation" = contemplationAL, used regularly, despite not yet recorded into most dictionaries, since it is also a key concept for this pastoral project. Hopefully, in God's grace, it will help us to enlighten and convince many brothers to remove excuses, to face that every vocation is indeed intensely personal and individual, and to help them realize that only in discerning and fulfilling that vocation that they will find true happiness and great holiness. Please help us with your prayers. Thank You and God Bless You for that.



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