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SPF03.1- The Blessed Family's Rosebud-Rosary Apostolate





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Also known as the “Give me five” JoAnnine Rosary.


To read this project-page click  here for a free pdf copy of this book from our own server. If you want a full color printed book - at cost- just go to (search for Rosebud-Rosary) where you will pay ONLY the minimum price charged by Amazon printing on demand (plus shipping). Or look at our UPDATES-tab record #25, which contains all Amazon links:
(Strategic, catechetical and comprehensive Rosary devotion improvement proposal, still under development -draft 1.3-,  pending a "Nihil Obstat" revision by proper Church authorities, when the draft version reference will be removed.)


You can also purchase books and rosaries at cost directed from us after writing to  Moreover, depending on the quantity of items and the shipping address, we may provide addicional discounts. Payment will be collected by either PayPal or Stripe, which is super secure. We do not keep credit card or sensitive information in our server. After we inform you the total price including shipping and taxes, just use the botton below to complete your order:

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