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SPF03.1- The Blessed Family's Rosebud-Rosary Apostolate


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Free Digital Book File (First Edition) - click HERE for a free download. 

Also known as the “Give me five” JoAnnine Rosary.

A strategic catechetical and comprehensive Rosary-based Catholic devotion improvement proposal for children, teens, busy people, and the elderly, is still under development (Second Edition Book Draft), pending a "Nihil Obstat" revision by proper Church authorities.


To read the Addendum Commentary (below) regarding the First Edition, just keep reading this page. To read about this whole project, click here for a free pdf copy of this book from our own server. If you want a full color printed book - at cost- just go to (search for Rosebud-Rosary) where you will pay ONLY the minimum price charged by Amazon printing on demand (plus shipping). Or look at our UPDATES-tab record #25, which contains all Amazon links:


You can also purchase "Rosarybud" books and rosaries at the cost directed from us after writing to  Moreover, depending on the number of items and the shipping address, we may provide additional discounts. (See prices in the Addendum, below). Payments can be collected through PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, etc., which is super secure. We do not keep credit cards or sensitive information on our servers. We accept US dollars, Brazilian Real, or HBAR cryptocurrency (any other crypto must be first converted into Hbars). 


Commentary-Addendum for the First Edition, which includes a "High-Fives" illustration index, printed for the Second Edition but not available to the owners of the First Edition.

The Rosebud-Rosary Apostolate is based upon a Comprehensive Catholic Devotional book and specially designed Rosary beads arranged in pairs, not identical but equivalent and one hundred percent compatible with the standard Marian Rosary and equally qualified as a sacramental, in a multi-use hybrid purpose, also known by children (from 9 to 99 years old) as the "Give-me Five!" Rosary.

Perhaps some dear brother and sister somewhat intellectually rigorous may rightly consider "childish" the use of a popular expression such as "Give-Me High-Fives" as an "official" nickname for a serious Rosary-based devotional book, which also contains likely all the essential non-liturgical Catholic prayers, as a referential bonus. Therefore, out of respect and sincere appreciation for every friend or ecclesiastic authority sharing constructive criticisms directly to us, it would be interesting to find out why, how many, where, and how by this prayer-book apostolate we hope to provide as many life-changing and colorful "Holy Fives" (so-to-speak) as possible, to whoever wants to have it into optional small FIVEs, whenever beneficial, regardless if no longer a child or teenager. St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta based her whole life and Community Mission upon the now-famous five-fingers hand-reminder "1-You 2-Did 3-It 4-To 5-Me!"

Why not also invite every Christian to do something serious -for example- to reverse their yet wasted intercessional healing powers by just repeating other powerful five-fingers-based mnemonics such as "1-May 2-I 3-Pray 4-with 5-You?" Let’s imagine parents "demanding" hyper-simple but life-changing high-fives such as "1-Pray 2-the 3-'Our 4-Father' 5-Daily," "1-Don't 2-Miss 3-the 4-Sundays 5_Mass!" etc., from their children since early ages. Then, later, moms & dads can easily pre-condition their authorization to go to college upon the memorization and promise (sealed by a sacred "high-five" commitment) to continue it remotely under the following or similar promise: "1-Never 2-Miss 3-YOUR 4-Sunday 5-Mass!" and "1-Pray 2-YOUR 3-Our 4-Father 5-Daily." "… Deal?" [Show me your hand and count your five fingers in it!] "Okay mom, OK! I will: 1-Never 2-Miss 3-My 4-Sunday 5-Mass! I promise!” (It really works! And makes it easier for parents to follow up “virtual high-fives,” whenever necessary).

As a small wedge can, little by little, crack and then break an enormous or "unbreakable" tree, very simple five-based holy habits may become the power wedge that will break proud hearts until ready to repent, amend, and forgive. Christ's Peace and Joy will, then, be promptly granted especially to those re-learning to Trust and "talk" with God in listening mode, as a beloved teachable child.

Nowadays, unfortunately, so many don’t even know what true prayer really is (explained in detail in title 9.5), much less how to pray; although ready to waste hours flipping TV channels in their search for a deeper meaning of life, to no avail, evidently. Most have no idea, and no one would even suggest that instead of 5 hours completely wasted on games, phone apps, TV, or anything else similar every week (if not daily), they could find real supernatural guidance by simply reserving five minutes weekly -until learning how to pray- solo to contemplate a sacred image (no prayer necessary). Ideally, Jesus-Crucified on a hand-sized crucifix or printed on any holy card, such as Jesus' Holy Faced digitally based on His real image, left in His burial shroud (currently under the custody of Turin’s Cathedral) similar to this one, here:


Such or similar wonderful five-based holy habits, if persisted until one gradually learns how to Pray and Love, will certainly become a powerful wedge leading to many graces if not miracles, from God’s unsurmountable Mercy. It can be easily adapted as "five minutes" of silence to find out at least five realities to thank God for, or hopefully used to gain faster spiritual progress, using 5 minutes for examination of conscience, ending by saying “I’m sorry, Lord!” Tired or not comfortable to meditate looking at a crucifix for 5 minutes? What about resting on the "lap" of our kind Blessed Mother Mary, reserving 5 minutes to do so through her sweet image, instead. There are hundreds of Marians’ precious "advocations" (devotional titles) with their respective devotional image to be chosen from. After all, she is the Master of Interior Life (blessed Life), par excellence!



From the beginning, under Title 6.2, we stated.

According to the following five suggestions, our proposed "Give-Me Five" Rosary should be prayed: (Introductory and closing prayers should be included according to the standard Rosary and local preferences)

  1. Five Mysteries with meditations (one distinct group of 5 Mysteries, specific for each day of the week).
  2. Five Offerings and/or Petitions, one per Mystery.
  3. Five Hail Mary's per Mystery (we call them "rosebuds" instead of full-blown roses =Aves + Holy...).
  4. Five Holy Mary's per Mystery (we also call them "rosebuds," totaling ten rosebuds per Mystery).
  5. Five "Our Father" Mystery-intervals highlights, which consist of five prayers (Glory Be; Oh my Jesus; Our Father; ejaculatory; plus, one devotional ejaculatory such as "The family that prays together, stays together.")

At Title 6.5, we granted three new sets of five optional but priceless complementary Mysteries, carefully pre-scheduled to start on Tuesdays, with the "Foundational Mysteries," in chronological harmony with the four official Mysteries, followed by the "Redemptive Mysteries Overview" (Saturdays), closing each "catechetical-week" (from Tuesday to Monday) with the "Ecclesial-Eschatological" Mysteries, every Monday.

Under Title 6.6, you can have all you need and much more to enjoy the "First Five Saturdays" Devotion.

Title 6.6 also brings a rich explanation for each one of the five essential elements for authentic experimentation of the "First Five Saturdays" Devotion, followed by (Title 6.7) a precious step-by-step sweet "chocolate" commitment plan for couples.

Under Title 6.7, item 7a, for didactic purposes, we named and classified "Five Rosary Praying Modes" in hierarchy order. They are not perfect but -as far as we know- likely not to be found anywhere else: They are precious for Rosary devotees eager to go deeper into their loving relationship with Our Lady.

Still under Title 6.7, at the end of item 9, you can find the five mandatory steps to validate any Plenary Indulgence related to the Marian Rosary Devotion.

Title 6.8 is all about five benefits of praying the Rosary in Groups, according to St. Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort, one of the greatest "Marian" saints in the history of our beloved Church and the author of one very famous consecration to Mary.

Title 7.0 is dedicated to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, where we explained why (Title 9.2 explains how …) it is also possible to be chanted/prayed under the five-pairs Rosebud-Chaplet mode.

Under Title 7.1, we described and meditated on "The Five Pious Modes for the Divine Mercy Devotion." It's interesting to note that the 5th Mode (The Annual Divine Mercy Sunday world celebration) also has five fitting ways to commemorate such Holy Day, and we did not fail to mention each one of them, at the end of that Title.

Under Title 8, The reader will find very critical and detailed information regarding the five pre-required spiritual dispositions for the fullness of devotional fruits, applicable to almost all major Catholic Devotion. Understanding and practicing it will be a life-or-death determinant.

Under Title 9, [even at] a title related to the technical description of the design challenges we faced to create/adapt the Rosebud-Rosary as a beaded "tool," now re-arranged in "five-pairs" (called “Rosarybud”), we realized (not planned!) and shared five mnemonic reminders related to five important facts/principles for our JoAnnine' Spirituality.

Title 9.2 explains how to chant or pray for Divine Mercy under the Rosebud-Chaplet mode. And for those interested in slowing down the passage of each one of its five sets, offering up and inserting some meditation as done (likewise) at the Marian Rosary, we suggested the remarkable Devotion in honor of and reparation for the Five Wounds of Jesus. Therefore, as an additional, optional, and highly fitting way to add also devotional reparations to each set of pleads for Mercy, we presented our carefully rendered version* renamed the "Five Visible Wounds of Jesus." Please read at the *(asterisk) note below, our five adapted invocations in honor of the Five Wounds of Jesus.

Under Title 9.3, regarding the "rosebud" optional mode for the Stations of the Cross, we proposed a similar arrangement consisting of five Stations per "cycle," each Station under five pairs of beads, hoping that it will make it possible in more realistic terms also to be prayed every month anywhere, and not only during the Lent season, necessarily inside a Church: Five Stations per cycle, one cycle per Friday [likely], alone or in group and, again, anywhere, since [masterpiece] Stations are printed in color.



*= For the Rosebud-Rosary first edition book owners, here's a copy of the missing five adapted invocations suggested to be inserted and used as anchors between each set of the Divine Mercy’s prayed pleads. In doing so, we hope to improve even more the mystical richness and the spiritual fruits of each one of the Divine Mercy five Chaplet's segments, preferably by the exchange of the [rosebud-mode] "saved" time, with the optional but priceless insertion of holy meditations such as the "Five Wounds of Jesus" reparatory Devotion. Honoring the five visible wounds of Jesus, one-by-one, as inter-cycle meditation similar to the Marian Rosary's between Mysteries meditation, is a very suitable and priceless optional combination. It also grants the perfect opportunity for five special pleadings (personal or not), when only the unimaginable Passion of Christ and God's Mercy can be invoked to merit desperate cases or petitions:

1. I (we) offer these first "five-pairs" of my (our) personal Chaplet to the Divine Mercy in honor of and reparation for the wound in the left hand of Jesus as he is cruelly nailed to the cross. (Let us beg for the gift of prayer, to be constantly united in our hearts with God, and in our wills, trying to comply with God's Perfect Will for our lives, in order to receive His [real] Peace now, plus eternal Salvation.)

2. I (we) offer this second "set" of pleads for Mercy in honor of and reparation for the wound in the right hand of Jesus as he is nailed to the cross by his executioners and, above all by us, sinners of all time, rendering Jesus powerless to Save every time we refuse to repent and open our hearts to his forgiving Love and ineffable divine Mercy.

3. I (we) offer this third set in honor of and reparation for the wound on the left foot of Jesus, as he is attached to the bottom of the cross, in horrific sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins and the grace of conversion.

4. I (we) offer this fourth set in honor of and reparation for the wound in His right foot as Jesus is, again, in excruciating torment, totally crucified for us sinners; and now being elevated in a vertical position, where his bodyweight starts to dilacerate each wound, at the same time, at every breath, for several hours, until HIS last drop of blood! (Let us adore and thank Him for Redeeming Humanity by surrendering Himself -despite being God- to such horrendous Passion; beg for healing and forgiveness, for the removal of every impurity, and for a new commitment to reverse the curse of a shallow spiritual life, likely due to grave past neglects and other sins.)

5. I (we) offer this final set of pleads in the conclusion of my (our) Chaplet in honor of and reparation for the wound in the Heart of Jesus, His sacred side. (Let us beg for the grace of mortification, fasting, and penance.)

Devotees in need of a real Miracle or a major Grace could use these five suggested -in parenthesis- invocations within the Chaplet as an inseparable whole under the same intention or keep repeating the same optional/personal petition, alongside the spiritual reparation for each one of Jesus’ visible wounds.)


Please ask for a free Second Edition book replacement (toll-free # at the end of your book), or half price if you want to give away your First Edition to someone in need of it.

Thank You so much for supporting our JoAnnine Prayer & Healing Ministry Outreach.

Please also remember to order "your" specially designed multi-use hybrid Rosary [buddy] for easier five-pairs of Rosebuds or regular Rosary decades (labeled Rosarybud but nicknamed “Rosary-buddy"), and not just the book, which is a priceless companion. Likewise done with the book, if not for free (such as the eBook:, they are also available at cost, not for profit.

Regarding book prices: The B&W paperback costs just $3.97 plus shipping (zero profit). However, unfortunately, since on-demand, Amazon charges almost $20 for each colorful paperback, also available under zero added profit margin (for us), which is $19.62 plus shipping, direct from   Alternatively, as good news, Prayer Groups, Distributor-Volunteers, Rosebud-Rosary Makers, Priests, Nuns or anyone else willing to help this authentic Catholic Apostolate dedicated to Our Lady as a child/teen, can pre-pay the purchase of any quantity through the Saint Pope Paul VI Foundation, under the heavily discounted Amazon price granted to author's copies, that will then be shipped by Amazon direct to your address (about $10 each paperback in color, plus shipping). Please write to us at or go to our Contact Tab-Page to send an instant message (click the Chat Icon) or click the "Book Now Form" link to schedule a phone or zoom call. If you have a book, simply call us using the toll-free number printed on the contact page, at the end of your book.

Pending only the “Imprimatur,” we are ready to deep cut prices pre-printing the 2nd. edition (Eng. & Span.) using our own equipment as much as possible, initially at our Maryland field offices on Locust Way’s in Mitchellville (Archd. of Washington) and Gentry Court in Annapolis (Archd. of Baltimore). Please pray for a speedy "Nihil obstat" at the Country level (USCCB), since we already received thousands of free download requests from visitors spreading over hundreds of Dioceses. Volunteers are also needed for the Diocese of Arlington, located 15 min. from our Ft. Washington office.

May God bless you all. Shalom!

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March 19, 2022 – Solemnity of St. Joseph




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