Events, References, Links... (Virtual Footprint Samples)

#1- First Development (After its online Inauguration at Christmas day, 2013)

March 19, 2015 (Feast of Saint Joseph)

Our very first Focus-Group's major tangible fruit: Gethsemane Vocation Project was officially inaugurated in California. Here is JoAnLab's internal link for the Gethsemanet Vocational Platform 


#2- Our Top Priority Project "Manifesto."

February 28, 2016 (Re-posted through LinkedIn) after almost 20 years. To read it, please click the link below, for a copy in a PDF file): LOVE FOUND A WAY!

#3- "Conjugality" Program entrusted to Padre Leo of Brazil (SCJ)

July 8, 2016

The "Conjugality as a Vocation" Strategic Pastoral Front (NetGroup # SPF05 = www.JoAnLab.Net/Hub/Conjugality ) will soon be formally entrusted to the intercession and protection of Padre Léo of Bethânia-Brazil, a courageous and generous Dehonian priest of the Sacred Heart of Jesus -SCJ, as a patron 'saint' despite not yet canonized. Padre Léo understood and practiced at heroic levels his priestly commitment to 'enlarge' his heart according to the immense Heart of Jesus, and he indeed loved everyone with merciful love, second to none, until his last day, Jan 4, 2007. His teachings, precious sense of humor, and love for families and those in extreme need continue to inspire many conversions. "No amount of success will ever justify the loss of a holy home, the failure of a marriage.  Heaven is for those who dream big, think big, Love big, but have the courage to live in authentic humility". (Padre Léo) 

Padre Leo - (use google to translate)    Pinterest - Padre Leo


#4- Focus-Index First Milestone

July 13, 2016 (BAREBONE + 204 Websites DONE!)

Initially, we were afraid that it could be necessary to have up to one thousand "focus-items" just for the barebone index to be minimally global and relevant. However, after deep reflections and inspiration, we synthesized it to its minimum of 200 NetGroups (to be gradually fine-tuned and developed). Therefore, our JoAnLab's world-vision Index is now -thank God!- one hundred percent (100%) complete, including the now 204 related intranet websites, partially open to the public under the NETGROUPS tab, which is a major gateway hub. To help us catch missing items or those under misplaced categories, please read the INDEX tab.


#5- Another Major Fruit

September 19, 2016 (a tentative US Federal Bill).

Under the Mental Illness Focus-group (GHI03), a Seed-Project (GHI03.01) also entrusted to our pro-life lobby volunteers trying to influence politicians and public officials under the imperative of prevention... We hope it will also benefit many people related to Group GHI02.05 More information: GHI03.01 Draft Summary.

#6- Our main Project's roll out of official name

January 9, 2017  - SeeBank.Net brand strategy finally defined (#SeeBank4Life)

The names of our patron saints Joachim & Anne will be somehow incorporated as an essential part of the official name of the Socio-ethical & educational Bank, alongside a variety of institutional descriptors depending on the languages, media, and public target. In English, for example, it will be similar to: "The SeeBank.Net for Life & Communion or SeeBank of Ss. Anne & Joachim." With or without built-in complementary brand descriptions like: "Grandparents & grandchildren partnership for the common good," or "A nonprofit Socio-ethical & educational Bank for Life & Communion," or "A socio-ethical & educational financial platform for the 'New Evangelization,' " or "Supporting a Family-centered 'new evangelization ethical-economy strategy' " ("It's the moral character, stupid!" as quoted @ABOUT tab); "In Spanish, it will sound like: "Banco Socio-etico y educativo de San Joaquín y SantAna" plus "Abuelitos y Nietos Haciendo 'Lío' por el bien común," or "Un Banco comunitario por la Vida y Communion." An argument for the need for a similar project (SIT01- www.SeeBank.Net) can be found under the ABOUT tab or the Coalition Coordinator's Message.


#7- Breaking News: Pope Francis delivered a tough address

Feb 5, 2017 - Our EofC historic meeting, yesterday, with Pope Francis, with tremendous implications and new challenges...

Just connect the dots... if you ever read our main project welcome letter, linked above -Feb 28/16- (..., the imperative need for courageous C.S.D.'s practical experimentation fields plus real life, temporary but comprehensive pilots, with C.S.D's validation tests/corrections, etc.), with Pope Francis' demanding message: Saturday, Feb 4th, 2017

#8- Our Social-Net Presence converted into monitored or on-hold Bridge-Gates only

March 6, 2017, Saving time and/or protecting the name space for the future presence or massive implementations. The current main focus is on our own private Social Network. 

#9- Pledge of St. Andrew revised first draft as entry gateway for members

March 12, 2017 - Another critical foundational layer for our vocational strategy is now completed.

Our internal Pledge version 1.0, in honor of St. Andrew the Apostle, including its first list of holy intercessors, plus future improvements, is officially defined as the only entry "gateway" for future internal members. Therefore, from now on, it is posted publicly on the front page of our website by the MEMBERS tab (kind feedback, corrections, or translations are always welcome). The final layers (The Internal Statutes and Regulations), then applicable only to our future consecrated members under formal religious vows, are now under their final phase of development. The first draft link will be posted here ASAP, as a new recorded event.


#10- Internal, Ad-free, Power Search Service donated by Google

March 25, 2017 - Implementation of a dedicated front tab (SEARCH-IN) for local search without advertisement.

You can now just "Google" what you are looking for at the local search-in bar-field (under the SEARCH-IN front tab) to access any publicly available information inside the JoAnLab.Net virtual university, in any of the five languages gradually provided. You will find much more valuable information if you are a member, including Catholic Social Teachings' content from thousands of pages and PDFs, posted also at our legacy Social-eBank archived website.

#11- Our web-presence going audio-ready in five languages

March 26- 2017 Strategic decision and budget to convert and incorporate our virtual university into an audible (audio-ready) website, with an easy option for loud voice reading of its content.

Since we are going to work heavily with grandparents and seniors naturally experiencing progressive vision difficulties, not to mention young friends with visual disabilities, we've decided to advance our whole web presence with as much audio parallel to text as possible. Initially, our whole JoAnLab.Net front level web page will have at least an English mp3 audio link at the beginning of each page, and gradually additional languages, according to each new translation.

#12- Official institution of our Blessed Family "GM5" Rosary Apostolate at Fatima Centenary day!

May 13, 2017, Saturday. Today, on Our Lady of Fatima's centenary anniversary, She granted this nascent community two priceless and historic divine gifts:

Unworthily, we believe that -somehow- She gave to Her mom and dad and, therefore, gave it to Her own Blessed Family, a first General Statute draft for a new, extended, adoptive family here on earth -yet incipient- open to all with a sincere desire to serve and to love each and everyone, in her name, with a personal Love, in honor, thanksgiving, and memory of her beloved holy father and mother, Sts. Anne & Joachim. And in addition, from now on, having our own specially designed Rosary, with its delightful and simple new Apostolate, exclusive to spread such powerful devotion which we are trying to make even more accessible, colorful, and catechetical. It is like having a divine cherry gift on top of a precious "cupcake" (the Statute, link below at event #13), that She is daring to inspire us to bake, despite unworthy "bakers". For more info about our Blessed Family's rosebud Rosary, please go to -  Sts. Francisco & Jacinta, children of the rosary, canonized today, pray for us.

#13- Historic Milestone, 1st publication: Blessed Family's General Statute (Fatima 100 year feast)

May 13, 2017, Saturday: Our first General Statute was posted online.

Linked below, the first draft published today, exactly on the 100th-anniversary date from the first apparition on May 13, 1917, and now the first centenary jubilee-feast of Our Lady of Fatima, to whom our founder was consecrated (first-born) since inside the womb of his mother, Our Lady of Fatima's lifelong servant. Here is the link for the General Statutes in a PDF file


#14- Profiles in Catholicism Interviewed our Founder in its November Edition

October 31, 2017, Tuesday: Our founder agreed to give a personal interview

Gordon Nary, Senior Editor of Profiles in Catholicism (Chicago - Illinois) published an interview featuring our founder reflecting on some important challenges of our times. Here's a link to a pdf copy of the interview: Missionary LPBaron.pdf


#15- English revision overhaul now completed

December 25, 2017, Monday: Completion of English revision across our web presence and other public documents.

Christmas 2017, Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Society 4th anniversary: Finally our English revision of all public documents and web presence across several websites are now complete. Hundreds of pages are no longer under the draft mode, including our General Statutes, posted today as Version 1.0 (Please consider voiding all previous drafts). The remaining orthographic errors (now minor) and the necessary future improvement of some segments, no longer compromise or even block most of our critical translations tasks, especially throughout our websites, are on hold until today. Therefore, the whole translation project can now restart and it will be a top priority for 2018.

#16- Historic Mitsubishi Wagon for sale to help raising funds

December 26, 2017, eBay auction to raise some urgently needed extra funds for the Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Society. 

The Pope Paul VI Foundation donated a historic Mitsubishi Van to help JoAnLab.Net's 2018 January budget. If you know anyone that would like to invest and bid, at the same time helping our Ministry, here is the auction temporary link:  

Fundraiser eBay link for public auction


April 8, 2018, Sunday. Today, Divine Mercy universal annual feast day, we discerned the inspiration to use our JoAnnine's Rosary (GM5) also to pray the D.M. chaplet with.

At a solemn liturgy instituted by Pope Saint John Paul II, related to the Divine Mercy universal annual feast day of 2018, during a blessing for pious objects which included our Rosebud Rosary, we discerned with joy and surprise a clear call to also use and promote the use of our specially designed Blessed Family Rosary, nicknamed GM5 ("Give me five"), to pray the chaplet of the Divine Mercy in addition to the Marian Rosary:

#18- Ven. Conception Cabrera now Patroness of our Gethsemanet Vocational Platform

June 8, 2018 - Sacred Heart of Jesus Solemnity

Great News! Today Pope Francis approved the miracle (among thousands not provable but real miracles) canonically clearing the way for Venerable "Conchita's" beatification. She is one of the greatest saints in the history of our Church. She wrote as much as Thomas Aquinas, Teresa of Avila, etc. but unlike St. Thomas, she also had her nine children and husband to take care of, at the same time! We deeply trust in her intercession. From now on, in celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to whom she gave her life and her incomparable love for the Priesthood, Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida is the first "official" Patroness saint for our Gethsemanet Vocational Platform:

Here's a very special and precious gift, in English or Espanol, from the soon to be Blessed Conchita:

#19- Strategic Milestone: Enlisting to participate in the "Prophetic Economy Int'l. Contest"

August 28, 2018 - Completion of our SeeBank.Net Financial Ministry's Application to participate in the "Prophetic Economy International Contest."

After a prayerful decision to participate, about two months ago, finally today, the solemnity of St. Augustine of Hippo, we completed the challenging (in our very particular case) paperwork application and the video message required by the organizers of this extraordinary contest, and we are now ready for a timely but last day type of submission. For more information, please open the following PDF file:

Combined Initial Messages and Video, without the Project's white paper.

#20- Saint Francis Borgia, SJ discerned as co-Patron Saint for our most strategic Project.

October 10, 2018 - Feast day of Saint Francis Borgia, SJ,  the greatest Jesuit General Superior after St. Ignatius of Loyola

If you already watched the short video ( ) linked and explained inside the set of documents posted at the previous event, above, you've learned the essence of one of our most powerful and promising projects, named SeeBank.Net for which St. Katharine Drexel is the beloved patroness saint and our main source of trust for its long-term blessings and supernatural protection. After years of consideration, we discerned to add, as well, the also extraordinary St. Francis Borgia with the 40 martyrs that he sent to Brazil, as patron saints for that major Project, alongside our dearest St. Kathy.


October 14, 2018 - Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini canonized "Pope Saint Paul VI" 

Finally a great and historic day for our Ministry and the glory of the father of our many dreams, which is Pope Paul VI, our real founder, being canonized saint today. There are no words to describe our joy and thanksgiving to God and him, for the honor and tremendous responsibility of not only carrying his legacy and now saintly name (Pope St. Paul VI Foundation) but his Seed-invitation, root-Faith, and world-Vision, plus his powerful supernatural protection/intercession, despite our many shortcomings and faults. 

#22- Telecommunication Contracts & Digital Communication Foundation Project to be donated to EWTN

December 12, 2018 - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe: An extremely strategic N.A. toll-free # plus its digital (205) mirror and Project are being prepared to be donated to EWTN.  

Usually, updates regarding any one of our 200 internal Focuses (see JoAnLab.Net/Index ) are posted at their respective microsites and visible for members only. However, after a whole year of silent hard work, the recent milestones achieved by our Focus-group SFT02.02, created specifically to support EWTN, are so relevant that we decided to make it public to ask for prayers and more project volunteers: The Pope [St.] Paul VI Foundation, after virtually hopelessly negotiations, purchases, and number transfers, under challenging circumstances and novenas entrusted to Mother Angelica, finally secured the number 1-800-24/7-EWTN (just compare it with the EWTN's "Everything Number"), which will be able to receive calls from anywhere in North America, plus the local Birmingham AL mirror number 205-24/7-EWTN, now under tech-tests in a digital cloud platform for mobile apps, hoping to become capable of re-routing a large volume of free calls/chats via WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Google, etc., from anywhere in the world in several languages. More details, future discerniments and the list of institutional partners for this Initiative, named Project "EWTN DF4GC" (Digital Foundation for 24/7 Global, person-to-person Communications), will be posted and gradually updated under its Focus SFT02.02's micro-website.

Temporary Note: If you have any suggestions or concerns for this focus-group, you can contact us just by using this toll-free or local mirror number or by adding the mirror # (205-24/7-EWTN) to your WhatsApp after January 1st. 2021.


May 1st, 2019 - St. Joseph the Worker Memorial - Vatican Press Release: "The Economy of St. Francis!" (link below)

So dear to our Mission (just watch our video linked under #20, above), finally Pope Francis issued today a worldwide convocation for [young] Economists and Entrepreneurs to create a better Economy, hopefully entering into a broad "covenant" for a future global Economy model worthy of St. Francis and the Gospel, "that he lived in complete consistency, also on the social and economic level." Thank God for his leadership! Here's the link:

Economy of Francesco (PDF)

#24- Our Fintech Project's proprietary software re-coded entering beta phase & 1st app prototype.

September 30, 2019 - After years of quiet strategic work and little budget (PPVI Foundation doesn't ask for donations, ever) the SeeBank.Net beta code launched: 1st personal, corporate & family account opened today, at the baptism anniversary of Pope St. Paul VI.

As a child, St. Therese of Lisieux fervently prayed to be given a brother who would become a priest, but only had sisters (all-holy nuns). Instead, among thousands of future priests deeply inspired by her, God also gave her more than just a “brother” priest, but a Pope “son”: St. Therese died on Sept. 30th, 1897. Before she died, she whispered to Mother Agnes (one of her natural sisters) that she wanted to offer up her last moments for all the babies baptized that day. Giovanni Battista Montini (Pope St Paul VI), our true Founder, was baptized exactly on that same day!   #SeeBank4Life


February 8, 2020 – The Rosebud-Rosary Apostolate's first book is published and the illustrated paperback is printed in color.

Now available at Amazon Smile: Click here to see it, look inside or buy it at a cost: of $19.62 (Yes! at a cost= of $0 -zero- royalty, 0% markup). Please confirm EWTN TV as the charity for the Amazon donation. Black & white Amazon price will be around $3.00, also under zero profit for us. We thank God and our "Immaculate Princess" (click here for a prayer copy) for such a priceless gift, after years of work. Free digital copies are available at JoAnLab.Net/FreeBooks. Here's an affordable black and white alternative, within our main G.S. volume. Requests for our specially designed Rosebud-Rosaries (at cost, many are free, plus shipping), please write to us at

(Friends, book buyers, and/or free Rosebud-Rosary receivers in 'disagreement' with our current $0 (zero) markup "selling" Policy, can freely pay the cost price of new purchases directed to us, plus shipping and taxes, therefore saving even more, instead of wasting money on Amazon potential monopoly, already swallowing billions of dollars from book authors worldwide).

#26 Freedom Coalition for Civil Disobedience, Constructive Resistance Smart Boycott & Accountability

January 20, 2021 -  St. Sebastian's Feast day,  The FC4CD+ Advocacy's official starting date and its first local US chapter (Metro Washington DC) online inauguration.

This JoAnLab's Focus-group #SIT04 and its first seed (an Advocacy Project), from now on operational (although incipient), initially named The FC4CD+ Advocacy, as an abbreviation for  "Freedom Coalition for Civil Disobedience, Constructive Resistance, Smart Boycott, and Accountability") became operational. 

The [Pro]Freedom Coalition for Civil Disobedience, Constructive Resistance, Smart Boycott, and Accountability Advocacy Int'l. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and nonviolent but tough and proactive ProFamily, ProFreedom, ProLife, ProFaith & ProScience Subsidiarity Association. More info will be found at https://CivilDisobedience.Info ASAP, since still under cowardly sabotage, canceled by some woke Afilias' employee (The Domain's Registry). After months of a fight, our Lawyer finally enforced our right to renew the annual ownership of also illegally denied until the very last day. We are now preparing a federal legal action against Donus-Afilias: Just imagine if your company buys any legally uncensorable top level domains such as .com, .info, .net, from any Registrar, but an anonymous Registry's representative (not the hosting) simply doesn't like its content and forces the Registrar under his authority to block it at  DNS level!  (Absolutly UNBELIEVABLE!) Meanwhile, the original draft is available at micro-site.

#27- Hedera Hashgraph "Miracle" Global Platform Selected to Host our Fintech Ministry.

March 19, 2021 - St. Joseph Feast Day, Our SeeBank.Net fintech startup to be supported and partially hosted on the Hedera worldwide DeFi Network. 

After years of hopeless scrutiny among operational Digital Coins and other blockchains platforms (mostly unsustainable under our very long-term vision), none could even get close to the many ethical demands, low-cost-based sustainability, and strategic technology needs of our's Financial Ministry Project. Finally, the search for a crucial strategic partnership is over: We are pleased to announce that Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR[ħ]+HTS+HCS, etc.) was the only ecosystem platform that we have decided to publicly support and commit with, permanently, including the transfer of every project's funds out of US dollars, into Hedera's HBAR's cryptocurrency.


#28- Rosebud-Rosary Book is almost ready for the 2nd Edition at half price.

March 19, 2022 – Solemnity of St. Joseph - Commentary-Addendum for the First Edition posted

The Rosebud-Rosary book second edition is almost ready for publication (just waiting for the "imprimatur"). We are ready to deep cut prices pre-printing the 2nd. edition (Eng. & Span.) in large quantities, using our own equipment as much as possible. Please go to to read the Addendum letter to the first edition, which contains most of the information being added into the book's new edition, including a "High-Fives" illustration index. If you have the first edition, there you may request a free replacement, if you wish.



May 15, 2022 – Now Saint Charles de Foucauld, canonized by Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City.

Another great and historic date for our Religious Society. Our Spiritual Father (Art.2. §2&3), Charles Eugène de Foucauld de Pontbriand... Like in the "Prodigal Son...," from playboy, (the wealthy Viscount of Foucauld), to "pray-boy" (poor, priest, hermit, martyr & saint). The first truly universal brother since he explicitly desired to enlarge his heart as the heart of Jesus, to the point of even feeling himself a brother to every human person. He asked for prayers that “I will truly become the brother of all," personifying the prayer of St. Claude de la Colombiere (... Sacred Heart of Jesus): "O God! What else will you have to do to conquer the hardness of our hearts? Lord, you must give us new hearts, tender hearts, sensitive hearts, to replace our hearts that are made of marble and bronze. You must give us your own Heart, Jesus." Yet, -Pope Francis reminded us- “that only after identifying with the least, did he come at last to be, indeed, the brother of all." Although a Viscount, intellectual, courageous explorer, author, geographer, polyglot, monk, priest, hermit  mystic, he preferred to be called just, brother Charles. He deeply understood the essence, the path, and the sign of any authentic Christian life, later magnificently synthesized by Chiara Lubich's holy life and words: "We need to enlarge our heart to the measure of the heart of Jesus. How much work that means! Yet this is the only thing necessary. When this is done, all is done. And since we live in time, we must love our neighbors [any, all] one by one, one at a time ..."    To celebrate it, we gathered the largest multilingual online collection of videos-links regarding his life and legacy: (Just click your preferable tab language).

#30- The Evangelization World Telecommunications Network entering "Alpha Phase"

January 1st, 2023 - Our international 24/7 Catholic Contact Center high-tech Omnichannel Telecomunications Project, named "The Evangelization World Telecommunications Network," is now currently operational (Beta) on a trial basis.

To develop a more sustainable, volunteer-based, not for profit faith-based and international free service partnership model, to operate globally online and offline, which had been planned since the first concept draft in 2018, we had to establish our own private Telecomm, IT and Cybersecurity divisions. It was acomplished under the B-Providence MB Intl., a P.P.VI Foundation's wholly-owned Delaware Public Benefi Corporation, backed by several strategic partnerships. It took three extra years of unexpected work to be successfully implemented. This is also the reason why, along with Covid, since 2018, we have not had much pertinent news to posted here, which is the only public log-page for official updates regarding the Pope Paul VI Foundation, its subsidiaries and hundreds of indirect projects. Please join us in praising God for this miracle of Mercy, which we will publicly inaugurate this Easter (April 15th, 2023, the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday) at the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of our founder's consecrated life.

As a side note, just to ilustrate the significance of a such valuable achievement and the variety of its potential benefits also open to other Catholic Ministries, in our case here, it will "replace" the HTML code and related human services behind our local Contact Tab page, after April 15th, 2023. Consequently, our current page will appear the same, but transformed into a 24/7 multilingual Contact Center gateway. 

For further information, suggestions, concerns, or if you would like to support it (it will become a separeted non-profit institution), please visit its temporary website at From there, although just a "coming soon" countdown parked page, even now you will be able to contact us in anyway you can imagine.

#31- The Celebration of The Golden Jubilee of Consecrated Live of our Founder

December, 27, 2023 - For several reasons, the planned celebration of the Golden Jubilee of our founder's consecrated life (Good Friday 1973), was postpone from its proper time (Easter 2023) to December 27, 2023.

Therefore, after 50 years of consecrated services to the Catholic Church and Community, Missionary Baron, for the first time ever, invited a group of married couples to whom he ministered and supported for decades (excluding hundred others either overseas or too far from the Washington DC Metro area), to join him in prayer, Mass, Dinner and a private video presentation, rejoicing and thanking God for so many blessings, especially for the gift of the Pope Paul VI Foundation (our parent institution), which God entrusted to him since 1975.

It was a simple but warm, joyful, and really memorable thanksgiving celebration, hosted by beloved contemplative nuns at their beautiful hundred-years old property in Catonsville, Maryland.
Here's a link with some picture-samples of that historical evening.


#32- Our "TRUTH MATTERS" Apologetics App Gate is finally online

December 31, 2023 - After several years of work, the "Truth Matters" free-access Apologetics' Gate_Hub (TruthMatters.EWTNet.orgis now freely available via link or internal web-session at our 24/7 Catholic Contact Center Platform.

Just starting with the priceless "Called to Communion" public EWTN audio library, an ongoing live "miracle" from the Holy Spirit in the life and legacy of Dr. David Anders which, to make it really useful worldwide, already costed us over 3.5 years of highly strategic technology work and about one hundred thousand dollars -so far- to convert, extract, classify, transcribe (99.7% accuracy) and catalogue 30 thousands individual "combo" podcasts (downloadable single Q&As under audio+text files), including its matching text-files auto-translatable in other languages, plus an internal mini-glossary for each needed Q&A.

In other words, a gigantic public service undertaking, already in its final development phase, granted 100% free!.

It can be used as a standalone App in any smartphone: Millions of people desperately need to enlighten their lives and many even search for it during several years, but do not find sufficiently clear, comprehensive and credible truthful sources of Christian Wisdom to really make a lifetime difference. To clearly understand why quality Apologetics is so critically and strategically important for the future of Humanity, just listen to this shorted talk from John Martignoni, the founder of The Bible Christian Society.


#33- The La-Salette Social-Net Apostolate transferred to

February 28, 2024- A decision was made to internally transfer the LaSalette Social-Net Apostolate from Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Society, into the

Since our 24/7 Catholic Contact Center, under the Evangelization World Telecommunications Network (, must also be responsible to provide the 24/7 communication services to the LaSalette Social-Net Apostolate, it became clear the convenience to transfer its coordination from the Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Society, into the, as already done also with our TruthMatters Apologetics Platform (

Therefore, also the, the, the,, and any other LaSalette domains are, from now on, under the coordination of the

Here's the new website link:  
Please share and help us, for example, becoming a volunteer; sending corrections or suggestions, etc. Here's the Contact Form.

#34- The La-Salette Social-Net Apostolate's Patron Saint Discerned!

March 30, 2024- Easter Vigil, Blessed Charlie of Puerto Rico entrusted as patron saint for the LaSalette Apostolate. 

Right before the Easter Vigil Night Liturgical Celebration, after careful discerniment, about a year since the beginning of the development of this strategic Catechetical Project, a decision was made to entrust this critical Apostolate also to the intercession of Blessed Charlie of Puerto Rico, from now on permanently designated co-patron saint, with Our Lady herself (evidently), under her sweet advocation of "Our Lady of La Salette."

To understanding how fitting this really is, rich details can be found at the end of the webpage, which is temporarily nested under the Evangelization World Telecommunication Network website ( Volunteers wanted!

Greed stinks! "The 'ambition' to DO Good and keep doing Good for others is what should have no limits!"

St. Pope Paul VI Foundation - 49th anniversary: "Quietus ora, adora et labora ad majorem Dei gloriam."

The 'ambition' to do Good and keep doing Good for others should have no limits!

(That's our powerful Mission Statement, from day one, 49 years ago! Please join us and share it. How? Do all the Good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, at all the places you can, at any time, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta literally taught us to “Always help whoever you can, whenever you can, and however you can, even if it's just with something small, but always try to do some Good. God doesn't require us to succeed, He only requires that you try." )